Pratt and Whitney Engine Option on the new A320neo v2

For me personally, something that really “ruined” this new aircraft for me is the fact we only have the CFM Leap engines to fly. While these are some nice engines, I was really hoping I’d get a chance to fly an A320neo with the PW engines. I made a list of some routes I was planning to do with this new jet, and maybe 90% of that list were all operators who use PW engines on their neos.

To cut straight to the chase, please consider developing the -271, Pratt and Whitney engine variant, of the A320neo. It really sucks having to limit the realism/flights you can do because the other engine variant isn’t available for us to use. It’s time like these that honestly make me wish Airbus went with only one engine option for the 320neo. I can be very certain the entire community, as a whole, would love to see Pratt’s on this new and beautiful looking A320neo.

Absolutely agreed. Airlines such as:
-Cebu Pacific

And countless others also use this engine option. Frankly, other than differed modelling in some areas such as the glareshield, I would almost still see it fitting to stay with Flybywire’s product until a PW variant is released. I hope Asobo and Ini take this into consideration.

Regardless, the efforts on this aircraft thus far are still greatly appreciated.


The original A320neo has LEAP, was hoping we’d get PW here. Maybe they have data on that and not the GTF because it’s a beast of an engine, gear ratios and all.