Pre flight setup and inflight toolbar options

OK, I may be in the wrong place again. Admin please relocate as required…

I have lost weather modification functionality in flight. I found many related help requests on the subject and most have been closed for up to a year now.

The problem: I can no longer see a weather option on the inflight toolbar. I try the custom toolbar option and see TWO grayed out items: Weather and Recording.

Firstly - why are these both totally greyed out an inopereative? Where did that recording option turn up? I don’t recall seeing any notification or “how to”

Secondly: how do I get the weather adjustment option back in the inflght menu. YES, I have done the following

  1. run as administrator
  2. cleared the Custom Flight folder
  3. set “Real Time” off in world map flight conditions
  4. Options/General Options
  • online functionality on
  • Bing world graphics on
  • Photogrammetry off
  • Live RW traffic off
  • Live weather off
  • Multiplayer off

What have I missd?

(I really must find out about this flight recording option too - when did you sneak that in??)