Pre/Post Patch 2 & 3 Screenshot Comparison

I think so too.

If you look at the Michigan examples, you can see the subtle distant water surface variations that are now gone in the latest patch.

I know it’s only subtle, but there are many other examples that have been posted where the water looks like oil with odd repetitive ripples.

I wish for the quality that was present at release. IMHO, Every update since has downgraded the quality in pursuit of a few more FPS.

Have you listened to the developer interview. They explain it all there and what they are doing about it

Thanks for your post!

It highlights one of the major problems: Distant drawing of objects and ground textures.

Note on your screenshot how suddenly buildings and trees stop being generated:

From cruising altitude at 39000 Feet, the problem with distant drawing becomes even more apparent:

Lets hope that, as mentioned in the Q&A, the drawing distance issue gets resolved appropriately!

Yes, although TBH, flying GA this is never an issue for me

Indeed, for “You” this obvious issue is not a problem. So let’s get it solved for the numerous users who do mind.

As a pilot, the reflections at that time of day looked realistic to me. I used to fly around in the Caribbean, and hot, bright days with water reflectivity could really be a nuisance to you at certain spots.

As to the OP: great case examples provided. I also noticed very little difference for the most part, aside from the three points you mentioned. I don’t like that water reflectivity was toned down, however. I personally have not noticed any fidelity changes overall - I do notice the ‘grainy’ issues with certain objects and clouds but it doesn’t seem to happen all of the time.

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Indeed indeed. So my data and facts presented here assist in this. They are there to help anyone who wants to use them to raise the appropriate zendesk tickets

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