Pre/post Patch 2 screenshot comparison

I have no mods either. I haven’t purchased anything either.
How do I delete the rolling cache and where is the PG turn off button at?

Pg is one of the data options. The rolling cache is there too. Scroll down to the bottom. I think there is a delete option but I’m not in game right now. Will check shortly

Should I turn everything off from the data options and turn them back on?
Okay I found the delete option for the rolling cache. It won’t affect my sim if I delete it??

Nope, shouldnt do. Should effectively clear out any downloaded scenery you have, forcing it to re-download. I would try turning off all the online stuff first I think. Try them one at a time. With PG off you should get autgen buildings (so won’t look much like Las Vegas). Give that a couple of minutes and try turning back on. With Bing World Graphics off, I’m not sure you’ll even get autogen - never tried it actually! I don’t thnk the other options will make any difference.

If that doesn’t work, try changing server. From the options screen, click your name top right. Click the servers drop down and pick another server. If your ping is high here, that might be contributing. I’m asusming you have good internet speed?

After all that, I’d try the deleting the rolling cache. Might take a while depending on size (what size do you have?)

Also check your bandwidth isn’t usage restricted or throttled in these options:

Okay let me try all of the above one at a time first. Unfortunately I have to go to work now so I will try it tonight and I’ll keep you updated. As for the rolling cache I have it set to 8GB.
My internet speed is 100mbps. So I know it’s not my internet for sure.
So once I delete the rolling cache, am I going to experience some stutters because it’s downloading all the scenery over again right?

Shouldn’t get stutters with 100mbps - maybe some small ones at first, but I’d be surprised given my own experience. Let me know how you get on and good luck.

Negative, I have my bandwidth on unlimited as well.

Cool - you might find its fixed by tonight as I wonder if some of these issues are their servers or load or something out of your control

I agree graphics part. In what standard graphics are good?
MSFS vs Battlefield F-18 mission? Graphics are worse.
MSFS vs Ace Combat 7? Call of Duty? What are we comparing?

It looks like they do not compare with P3D, XP-11 or FSX because still with all those addons that costs 100+ USD in other sims when you watch pure gameplay footage (without color modding, reshade or video editor fx & color adjustments) MSFS look way better (of course my opinion, anyone free to disagree).
For example when i compare i compared with X-Plane 11 vs MSFS Release. Now MSFS Release V1.7 with this patch :smiley:

And last but not least, well said, install/CTD 1st prio, eye candy is probably easy to fix and will come as you said.

So I have the rolling cache set to 8GB and I see that you have it set to 245GB. Do you think that’ll be the issue?

Eh i still get them here and there , idk why though. It sucks.

I won’t comment on your opinion, it is yours of course, however, I’ll comment on the post-processing fx, because by default, FS2020 is already including post-processing effects.

These are similar to most one’s would use first with ReShade or similar, like sharpen or tone mapping. The later in this case is needed though because it is the only way to ‘compress’ the HDR into LDR for display purposes, but you might be wondering how much more than just tone mapping goes into the shader though (like some added vibrancy, etc…).

You can even actually disable some of them manually in editing the file where FS2020 is saving your graphics settings:

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This is my experience with the trees right now post patch. Not do much the quantity of the trees when they have finally loaded in, but the short distance from the aircraft (what, less than a km away🤔) when they finally all do.

Also get instances where they start to appear, then disappear, then start reappearing.

Sadly don’t have any comparable videos pre patch over heavily forested areas to make a like for like comparison, but I’ve flown hours over the Alps and Rockies pre patch and it wasn’t like it is now. I mean, you can’t miss it.

Broadband is fast, rolling cache not given any indication of a problem, settings are left on high end from release and no really noticeable change or improvement in FPS.

Link to utterly dull 3000ft video out the side if a Grand Caravan of forests and hills in Central Germany😴


This whole thread is an amazing labor of love. Thanks everyone for taking the time to post your before and after feedback and pics.

Seems immensely useful for the community,

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My bad, i should have write MSFS is better than FSX, X-plane 11 or Prepar3D :smiley: i personally like Post processing effects :slight_smile:

EDIT: Thanks btw, i forgot to thank you for your post.

Really? Did you open them up full screen? The buildings look awful, the trees are all triangles… here are other examples… guess, to me, this just isn’t good… considering Xplane or others don’t have these photogrammetry issues.

Here’s another one, a day or so before the pics above… it just looked better back in the alpha, in my opinion.

I doubt this has anything to do with LOD or streaming (I had it paused for a while just in case it needed to catch up and object detail at 200). Photogrammetry has its limitations.

Flying cars, road deck painted on the side, water painted as a wall.

If it’s not melted it’s spiky

Looks like a cool modern art piece

Which it is, but ‘slightly’ different

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Object detail will mainly affect other objects in the distance like airport objects like the jet bridges unless you want to see them well detailed 3000ft up in the air :slight_smile: Does not really affect photogrammetry