Premium Delux upgrade

I have the game pass version of Microsoft flight sim, and I bought the premium deluxe upgrade, does this include the base game? Thanks people.

You have the same as I do. When launching the game and it gets to the “checking for updates” screen, it immediately stops loading and goes to the downloading of the patch. As I recall the download only took a short period but the installation took awhile.
Jim M

No , doesn’t include the base game . Once you stop paying / cancel your game pass , you lose access to the game . You’ll then have to either renew your game pass , or purchase the base game , to get back access to your Premium Deluxe upgrade .

That sounds like a terrible con/misinformation ploy.

MS should make it clear that you need to purchase the base game before adding upgrade.


I thought as much, thanks for the info :+1:

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That was exactly my point , during a 3 hour phone call to Microsoft customer care team . The first operative stated ( wrongly ) , that there was no issue , and I would in fact own the base game also . When I mentioned the fact I had opened a Pay Pal dispute ( re false advertising / misleading store page ) , I was directed further up the chain of command . I was then informed what I posted in an earlier post .

To cut a long story short , I ended up purchasing a key, for the base game, on a " game key site " . Cost me approx 10 euro more ( 130 euro instead of 120 euro in total ) , but at least I got access to my DLC again , and can play the game . LESSON LEARNED !!

That is a disgraceful approach form MS…but regrettably, rather typical of previous years.

Thanks for the warning though, which should be heeded by everyone using GamePass, including myself.

I don’t think I would have figured I could have access to a $60 game for $1 - then upgrade it for $85, and then walk away from the original deal, and not have an issue.

It was a good try though!


I dont understand that people think they own the game with gamepass while it’s perfectly clear that you ‘rent’ it. Everybody would just take gamepass and buy the upgrade for 40,- less.


Nothing disgraceful about it at all

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Yeah its not so simple. May you read the description to the upgrade, they did just past n copy it from the full version in the store, so it states that it has the base game included, but in fact it has not… and its not 40€… so details sometimes matter!

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So many people did contact microsofts support on that issue by now, and always different answers. I zendesked the issue and additionaly the nice spanish gal @ support confirmed that they change the misleading description texts from the dlc… and nothing happened in a whole week. It’s like screaming against a wall… just pretend there is no MS Support… :blue_heart:

Nice to see a white knight. Wondering where you were all hiding :laughing:

False advertising . ( Uploaded for the fan boys ) .

Have a read . Base game included .

“The Premium Deluxe Edition includes everything from Microsoft Flight Simulator plus 5 additional highly accurate planes with unique flight models and 5 additional handcrafted international airports. The world at your fingertips. Take to the skies and experience the joy of flight in the next generation of Microsoft Flight Simulator.”

Nowhere does it say it includes the base game. A upgrade is something you already have and upgrade it, else you would buy the whole package. Again, you dont own it so you dont have anything.


Read the first sentence “includes everything from Microsoft Flight simulator
So it stares right in your face… :roll_eyes:
As i sayed that is the text paste/copied from the description of FULL Version on the store, so yeah…


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You dont own the game… How hard is that to understand? You have nothing to upgrade from…


" Includes everything from Microsoft Flight Simulator " .

Now , in my language ( plain english ) , that means " everything " . Including the base game .

Tip : If you plan on being a successful " Microsoft Shill " , please update your english language skills + your " contrarian " attitude .

I’m kinda done with this. Good luck…


Oxford English Language definition of the word " everything " :



1 . All things .

2 . The current situation , life in general .