Pressing 1 to reply to ATC sometimes doesn´t work

Pressing 1 to reply to ATC sometimes doesn´t work, and I get “flight N. x did you copy?”… I did press it normally, but sometimes it just doesn´t recognize…

I often have to press 1 twice.

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Before pressing it, wait 1-2 seconds after ATC stops talking.

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I know, I always wait until it stops talking but sometimes it just doesn´t assume the key press

Hello @heliognr

We moved this post to the #bugs-and-issues:atc-navaids section, which did not exist when you originally posted. It’s better placed here for more visibility should others have ideas.

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My main issue with the ATC number system is it responding as if I had pressed “1” when I haven’t! With a frequency of about once a flight, ATC mistakenly responds to a Ctrl-1 combination as if I pressed “1”. This is especially problematic, as Ctrl-1 is used a lot - it’s the main simulation cockpit panel view in almost all default aircraft!

This is a real problem when I’ve gone in for a panel close-up and ATC thinks I’ve asked for a vector to the next waypoint! Now I’ve got to respond twice to clear the ATC interference, plus a portion of my instruments are now covered by a text copy of the message!

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