Pressing TAB breaks keyboard UI navigation - accessibility issues


When you press TAB, keyboard UI navigation breaks completely.

To break out of this broken state requires a random amount of TAB, ENTER and ESC keypresses.

In terms of accessibility TAB should always be focus next item.

It is almost impossible change anything on the UI, specifically options, if you only use a keyboard.

Navigation/editing of fields should be as simple and using TAB and arrow keys.

While I am not disabled, many others are.

Suggesting using a mouse and/or controller is not a solution.

Edit: As the UI is already HTML-based, this should have been implemented from the start. It is not hard. It should even work out-of-the-box, but seemingly Asobo removed stuff like tab indexes and active highlighting for some reason.

Okay, here’s a accessibility solution from Microsoft for keyboard only users. Perhaps you could give it a try?

Use Mouse Keys to move the mouse pointer (

That is really made for old apps that will never support keyboard navigation as a last resort.

It also requires exact timing/dexterity that you can’t expect from a disabled person.

Well since the sim currently doesn’t have keyboard navigation as of yet… Wouldn’t this be qualify as a last resort?

Besides, I’m all for inclusivity and accessibility for disabled person. But if you can’t expect the same level of timing and dexterity from a disabled person, are you expecting the same level of dexterity from them to fly airplanes in the simulator?

They could be using something like YourControls or AI co-pilot just to enjoy the scenery.

That time will be when Asobo stops supporting the game. But even using mouse keys now would probably take a very long time to setup a simple flight (would be better to use LittleNavMap to generate a plan though).

For fun, I am going to try using mouse keys as experiment to see how long it takes to load, change a few options, setup flight and get to flying stage.

It does not work correctly.

  1. Mouse cursor disappears when you move it over the top tabs
  2. Clicking does not work at all (enter does if you get lucky)
  3. Mouse cursor disappears when a modal is closed (eg screen res)
  4. Managed to get a setting change, but the item above was highlighted (seems you need to get the white focus rectangle to display for it to work).

Once you get the white focus rectangle ‘correctly’, changing settings seems to work intuitively.

But sometimes the white rectangle is showing, it does not respond to input.

At the moment I am banging in combo’s of TAB, ENTER and ESC to just get to do something.

And now, not knowing what I did, I actually have it seemingly working correctly as expected. And then I press right arrow at the wrong time, and nothing responds again.

I think I see what is happening. When you press TAB, it basically breaks and mouse cursor disappears too.

Will update OP.

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