Prevent the flight planner from reshuffling the plan after adding or changing a runway, approach, SID or STAR

We made it on the feedback snapshot. Under investigation. Let’s hope they can fix it.

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The issue you are describing is covered as well in my other vote thread:

Bump. This gets my vote, too. One of the most annoying issues atm, including the flyback bug, the lack of star/sid wp management (cant delete them), direct to, etc etc…

Please make this a priority. Thank you!


Upvoted. I had a long discussion with VATSIM ATC about this (imagine this problem with live ATC!). But I cannot get over the feeling that it is my fault, not the sim. For example with FBW a320NX:

  • I find a FP via Simbrief or Flightaware, including STAR and SID
  • I go to the FS world map and duplicate that in the sim, including altitude
  • I go online and check my MCDU and see it’s all there, check the Wx and choose runways
  • KEY step is to check the FP map for zigs and zags and CLEAN IT UP (you can’t change WPs in a STAR or SID but you can on the route so that you enter the STAR correctly
    (- then I get onto VATSIM and they might make me do it all over again. Ok.)
  • then I fly it
  • but sometimes a new VATSIM ATC is at arrival and gives me a new runway and my FP becomes spaghetti again and I’m doomed. Unless I want to work it out while on arrival with the ATC guy.

My main point here is that VATSIM seems to think it’s on me to have the FP and charts and to know how to efficiently program the MCDU to adapt to changes. If I’m not on VATSIM I really don’t have these problems.

Did I miss what is being discussed here? I think you all are talking about duplicate points in your STARs but I never see that.

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This needs to be fixed asap as a hotfix - I understand longer complex issues require the monthly patch cycle - but this needs to be looked asap…it also asks to request a new IFR clearance again…ASOBO forget the UK VFR scenery update for now, focus on this and other little fixes! I can wait quite a while without some castle in the UK…

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This is more related to prior to flight in the planner with it rearranging the waypoints, but the issue you are describing is covered in my other vote thread here: Upvote thread for the "Approach flyback bug"

Please fix this, this simple thing is ruining the experience for me!

I bought MSFS 2020 at launch, but couldn’t play it until I built a more powerful PC. Now I have that, I find I cannot do the basic thing of Import PLN -> Select Approach -> Fly because selecting the approach completely resets the routing!

I generally get around that by selecting the STAR in the FP that gets cleared so I know it won’t change. Then I can clean it up by removing problem waypoints before I take off.

I made a flightplan along a route of airports that I have never been to, wanting to fly the route, and landing at the said airports if they look interesting, or if my sim time is over and I have to get back to my real life. :slight_smile: Everything worked fine, landed at my first waypoint airport, taxied to a parking spot and decided to call it quits for the day. So I saved my flight, thinking it would save everything and the next day all I would have to do is load this save point - wrong! My flightplan was gone. Ok, no problem - load the flightplan again and set the position I’m at as the departure. Wrong again. FS 2020 decides to make its own plan on how to get to the destination airport… TOTALLY FRUSTRATING! Is really the only solution to replan the flightplan from the position you are at? How stupid is that? And why not save the whole flight situation including any loaded flightplans when you hit save flight? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

One more vote from me, the planner is truly awful. The only workaround I’ve found is to enter a basic route then alter it in the g3000 so that it matches my pilot2atc flightplan. How anyone thought that this planner was a good idea is beyond me!

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FWIW, I’ve had good luck exporting my final plan out of Pilot2ATC and loading that into MSFS. It’s a work around, but makes the sim less frustrating.

Agreed, Pilot2ATC seems to work better. I basically make the plan, import it to MSFS and move off the runway. Once inside the plane delete and enter most of the waypoints and add sids and stars, leaving the approach out until the very last minute. Its a pain but this seems to stop most of the problems I was having.

This should be an immediate hotfix candidate and not a cadence sim update fix.

Bump again, still an issue.

This really needs to be fixed!

When you load an external flight plan the airplane is always placed on the active runway. And when you try to place the airplane on the gate the whole flight plan gets replaced. That’s not how it should work when loading an external flight plan.

After importing your plan from the EFP, if you pick the parking spot from the Destination Drop-down instead of clicking on it in the map, the plan remains intact. I’ve been flying a WT using G3000 Mod plus Navigraph and using Little Nav Map to build the plan and import. This works every time.

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That is a great tip! Thank you very much for sharing :grinning:

I’ve moved back to X-Plane, ridiculous this hasn’t been fixed. See you there.

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Love it here. Make a post about it being 8 months and still not fixed, get it shut down. That is the way to fix problems, by not fixing them.

Still an issue. Says it is planned with no ETA.