Prevent the flight planner from reshuffling the plan after adding or changing a runway, approach, SID or STAR

The flight planner is awful. It was clearly an afterthought, or a concept design that hasn’t had any subsequent attention.

The reshuffle is one thing, the lack of airways another, having to delete points in the map AFTER it has zoomed into them, the fact that when you save it it doesn’t save all the info which causes the reshuffle and effectively renders the save pointless, the incorrect altitude that resets itself but is hidden away in the ‘navlog’ such that you forget about it most of the time etc etc.

Given all the airliners are borderline unplayable maybe they figured being able to plan flights for unusable aircraft was a bit pointless so not worthy of a lot of attention at the minute.

Not a rant, as I think this sim is pretty ■■■■■■■ good, but it really does need some pretty rigorous and sustained polishing.


Still the same planner issues

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One more vote.


Post your flightplan wishes here. getting close to hitting the feedback board.

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Please vote this up, this is a constant problem with flight planning. TY

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This should have way more than 182 votes by now.


Blank 'em if ATC can’t take a joke (or a failure of the sim you are using). It’s not like you are ACTUALLY going to have a midair collision. So they should be more understanding (and, yes, I’m a virtual ATC as well as a real pilot).

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Can’t believe this is still not fixed.


I too have this issue with any aircraft that uses g1/3000, gns 530 and 430. voted long time ago. The gns530 mod isn’t helping either. is there any latest news regarding this?

I think this is going to be one of those things like weather where barely working is good enough for now.

It’s not just at the planning stage that there are serious issues. The same system that is behind the flight planning map, is also behind the in game flight plan/routing system used by all GPS/FMCS.

The numerous issues include:

  • Wrong/incorrect STAR & approach transition selection.
  • Inability to delete/modify waypoints within a route without it breaking.
  • Random insertion of ‘user’ waypoints.
  • Unrealistic manipulation of the route to create smooth/curved tracks, taking you miles off the correct track.
  • Randomly routing to a previous waypoint when making route modifications.
  • Broken/incomplete Direct Too function, especially when flying an approach.
  • Missing missed approach legs for all RNAV approaches.

Plus any more issues that don’t come immediately to mind.

The entire flight plan management system is currently incredibly bugged/flawed. It’s fast becoming the biggest gripe I have with MSFS. It affects every aircraft, and makes any type of realistic IFR flight an incredibly frustrating experience.


Oh I agree with all of that but just allowing us to change things without reshuffling could at least spare us some stress.

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Thank you for posting this, yes there is no good that will come from MSFS redoing out flightplan for us.

A big frustration for me is I’m learning with the sim, so I’m never sure if I’m stupid or the game is stupid. I think this is the right spot for this. Please let me know if I’m missing something or there’s a workaround.

Doing an approach at GRR for ILS 26L via VIO.

It’s got me doing a weird double back between two waypoints. I believe the proper approach is to go to VIO, then to KNOBS, then out to CFBZJ, and circle back to KNOBS. Instead, the flight computer sends me to KNOBS, then to a USR waypoint, then back to KNOBS, then turn again for a loop out to CFBZJ, then finally back to KNOBS again. Even though CFBJZ appears to be a USR waypoint. I can handle the USR waypoints to make this a more elegant planned path, but the double back to KNOBS annoys the ■■■■ out of me. Perhaps this is a piece of cake in an F22, but the circling on these two turns makes me consider driving instead.

This happens when setting the approach in the GPS. It also happens when planning in Navigraph. Trying to remove waypoints is a real adventure. I’ve not been able to guess the right waypoint to remove to get it right and it seems 50/50 it freezes the sim.

Some pics using Navigraph to illustrate the sim is doing…

The Navigraph chart for reference


Here’s the approach planned in Navigraph.


Load the plan into MSFS. So far so good!


Oh, boy this looks like it’s gonna work!




Hopefully, it’s clear what I’m talking about. VIO is coming up from the south, it hits KNOBS (GR), goes to the first USR to the east, then back to KNOBS, then north-east for a loop to CFBZJ. I would be happy I could figure out just to go from KNOBS to the north-east loop to CFBZJ.

I also noticed the same with KLEX. It has a similar backtrack approach, which seems to be confusing the hell out of the GPS computer.

MSFS and Navigraph 2013 rev.7. TBM 930.

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totally agree…

Keep on voting guys :slight_smile: We´ll get there

Yes this is an annoyance that needs to be fixed.

Voted. As a long time simmer and one who is trying to improve the whole navigation aspect and make decent approaches and landings, having the plane turn around and head for the previous waypoint is really frustrating. As a different matter, I flew the airbus this morning and just as I was approaching the airport the AP’s ability to maintain the designated altitude just quit on me and I had to manually recover to make some semblance of a landing. I’m not about to bash the who sim as many are; just hoping these bugs get addressed!

Same thing happened to me today. Ugh

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Flight planning is the worse part of the sim. Adding waypoints in the wrong order and not being able to edit the order or change altitude is ridiculous.

Please fix this ASAP. There should be no reason to have to rely on 3rd party for flight planning.


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