[Preview] Brown Field Muni (KSDM) San Diego, California

Hello SOCAL fans. Here are some Work-in-Progress development pics of my next project Brown Field Muni, south of San Diego, right at the Mexican border. Project has reached 40% so far, mostly made with stocked objects and the MSFS Scenery Editor. As my other project, it’s design from pilot’s eyes perspective. See Montgomery, Ramona, Gillespie and Oceanside at flightsim.to.

If you have exclusive pictures (I look for taxiways signage), feel free to share it with me.

Wish me luck and free time!


Nice work ! looking forward to this one, thank you.

Progressing nicely. Taxiway signage is in place.


Approaching minimum… euh… correction approaching the release!

Brown Field is a airport used for training by FA-18. 8’000 feet runway length is usefull. In 1980, the french Air France Concorde came for the local airshow.


I remember that airshow, at the time I had no idea the runway was so at long at Brown Field.

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