Preview: EDDS Stuttgart Airport by RDPresets

EDDS Stuttgart Airport will release tomorrow (Monday) on RDPresets website, Contrail, Simmarket and An in-game Marketplace release will hopefully happen a week later.


Looks pretty good. My home base.

Any reviews so far? Never heard about that developer.

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It’s pretty good! Some people are complaining about FPS, but it depends on your PC and what settings you have.

I had stutters with Asobo’s EDDS but none while filming this video.

If you are on an Nvidia 4000 series, DLSS 3.5 released this week in a new driver and that will increase your FPS by 5-10 frames.

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I only use GTX3070ti @ Intel 9600KF what is not a Nasa computer :wink:

Thank you for your reply … I will wait for some more reviews.

They’ve just released a performance patch just moments ago. So whatever you hear out there is old news from release.

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Another FPS and VRAM hog?

No. Did you read what I wrote?

thanks for your info, can you please be so kind and send a link and what exactly I need to install…

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I’m on XBox and I have LPFR already from them: apart from a relatively good visual representation (with some major flaws though) I get CTDs regularly on approach. While they are claiming that they did test on XBox I doubt that they did that from an aviation perspective (approaches, taxying, departures etc) enough and did put more focus on looking inside the terminal and surroundings visually.
I"m still looking for EDDS as my home base but currently I’m not convinced that I will not be experiencing a CTD right on the first approach.

You should have Nvidia GeForce Experience installed. Search for it in your Startup Menu. All you have to do is update the driver.

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Many thanks for your assistg, currently I have the 536.99 installed, does that mean I just need to install the latest Nvidia driver 537.13 and then I have DLSS 3.5…sounds easy, but I can’t quite believe it… :slightly_smiling_face: :ok_hand:

Until now I thought that I only had to download the latest DLSS Version 3.5 directly from Nvidia and then insert the new file manually into the content folder… :thinking: :wink:

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Yes, it’s that easy. Just install the last Nvidia driver and presto! (Must be on an RTX 4000 series GPU.)

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many thanks, but this is not mentioned anywhere in the release note of the latest Nivdia driver, so you automatically get the latest DLSS file 3.5…sorry, but that would be too good…could you post where you got the info…many thanks! :ok_hand: :wave: :blush:

It says it right there when you open GeForce Experience. An easy Google will also get you all the news coverage, including the press release from Nvidia. This thread is not a hardware thread. :sunglasses:

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You still have to download the DLLs (framegen: nvngx_dlssg.dll; and dlss: nvngx_dlss.dll) and put them inside the game folder. If you don`t do it, it will use the old DLSS Version that comes with MSFS. This is nothing a driver can change, it only adds support for DLSS 3.5. You could also use the DLSS swapper application to automate the process, but I don´t know if it can also update the framegen DLL.

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Thank you very much for the detailed instructions, I already knew that from previous DLL updates… I only felt a bit insecure because I misunderstood @SizzlingP6672 that the new 3.5 DLL are delivered with the latest NVDIA driver…now I am up to date again… :ok_hand: :wave: :blush:

Thank you very much, I had just misunderstood you…
that the new 3.5 DLL files are included in the new Nivdia driver…but I can also pack them manually into my content folder, as I did before… :star_struck:

Hello @citation66!
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Has anyone tried this on XBOX X yet?

Edit black screens in Cirrus at the add on they come back after leaving airport and return on landing. Why are airports still being released on XBox when they are optimised properly!

I’m tired of product releases that are poorly optimised and I have received a refund

Unfortunately the same for me. CTD on all approaches (ILS) with the stock A320Neo. :sob: