Pricing Differently? Buying best from...?

So…i have bought all fighter jets outside MFS marketplace.How can they have MB-339 and Eurofighter cheaper than other vendors and the F-15 being 7 euros more expensive?
What’s the thought behind it ? (everyone will buy an F-15 so let’s take a bigger cut from those who made it?)
Which also brings the question.Is there any quality check at all ? Cause every jet has major flaws.( F-15 GFX Issues - MB339 Terrible sound+no anti ice working - Eurofighter well…We all know it’s pretty messed up)

My final thought is that our best choise is to buy outside MFS Marketplace (except Waco which is an exclusive there)
What are your thoughts on this ? :face_with_monocle:

The quality of the bought product doesn’t increase with switching the place where you buy it.

Nobody said that. The point is that the F15 costs 40euros in MFS Marketplace

Yeah, but I can’t see a problem there. I mean, it is kinda normal that you always get things a bit cheaper whem buying them directly on the platform, where you are using them.

For quality management in the marketplace, there was a huge discussion going on in this forums already. Nowadays, it’s also the buyers responsibility to check, what he gets.

My friend…I am saying that while some are cheaper,others are more expensive.7 euros more ? wth?

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Oh sorry, didn’t read properly. So, yeah I think the pricing is being regulated by the publishers of the addons.

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Just Flight actually spoke to MS about this as they recognised that it might cause pricing issues, and was told that it was MS “policy” - that is, MS set the final figure based on how they measure the dollar against the Euro, Yen etc etc. Turns out that makes some prices lower and some higher depending on what country they’re measuring against. No idea why they chose to do it that way.

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i knew it ! They know that a SINGLE F15 in the entire marketplace,will sell like hot pie.So they went with the price increase

I don’t think that’s the case to be honest - their decision / policy means that the F-15 is cheaper elsewhere, so technically they could be giving up sales to other platforms. Who knows for sure though.

I wonder if it also depends on whether the publisher wants to partly offset the cut MS takes by upping their price slightly. Who knows. In any event, I’m trying to buy outside of the marketplace where possible in order to avoid (i) any issues with having to buy credits and (ii) having to wait weeks for any aircraft patch to be approved by MS and pushed to the marketplace. At least if I buy outside I can get patched aircraft as soon as the author publishes a patch.

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yup,same here.With the exception of the WACO,i bought everything outside MK and i get those updates day 1

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Not in my lifetime i will pay 40 euros for a single plane…

LOL I figure you are not a DCS guy who has to pay 70-80 for an F-16?