Primary Flight Display of 787

What is this shown at the arrow?

I could be wrong, but I think it shows:
-next waypoint code
-ETA in zulu (UTC) time (so in your top left you see the current time is 17:03z, ETA is 1704z, so in 1 minute)
-distance to next waypoint.

I am talking about the 1704.0z number.

Thanks for the info. Why is the ETA in zulu (UTC) different from the current time?

I assume you’re asking about the formatting of the time; ##.##.##z vs. ####.#z and not about the difference between 17:03 and 17:04 :stuck_out_tongue:

If that’s the question, I haven’t got an answer.

Well yes, but also I found out that sometimes the difference in time is not only one minute but more like 5-10 minutes.

various reasons, including pause (as in real pause, by pressing esc), clock skew due to freezes, can happen when pluggin in a controller, and also sim rate increase/decrease.

Also i have noticed on some places the time is not quite right always! :slight_smile:

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