Printable manual

I would like a printable manual!


It is desired, especially for beginners.

Is there something about the key bindings? I have no idea about the controls.

Yes I would love digital manual or be able to purchase hardcopy of the manual.

Keyboard map is over at avsim in the msfs2020 forum.


Manul, hmm. I think better idea -> is knowledge database with comparision.

ICAO procedures (USA vs EU etc.)

and other various ascpects which will allow understood better sim for fresh blood

Yeah, I’ve been playing MSFS since version 3.0 and I think out of all of them, this is the one that needs a manual the most. It’s really difficult to try to figure out what does what and in game explanations and help is almost nonexistent.

Here is a PDF I made:


At the very least is someone out there making a wiki for this game?!?! A PDF manual would be awesome though.

The european boxed versions come with a printed manual and for the Delux Premium with an extra artbook.

Could those manuals be availalbe as PDF’s for the customers for the different editions? Should not be that hard and easy to do.

Christian “Bargib” Koerner


The printed manuals do include some nice pictures and some technical specs of the airplanes, but do also not include instructions on navigation, using the autopilot, the garmin 530/430/1000, VORs, DMEs, explanations to the switches in the airplanes…

I bought the premium edition, because i thought, this manuals would be included but now i am very dissapointed.

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A manual, full, big, so we dont have to browse youtube to find “how to do this and this”.


Where is the manual to download?.
The disk version of the sim comes with manual.

FSX had a good, indexed help file, so I’m surprised there was nothing at all in fs2020. At least a PDF of the printed manual supplied with the disc version should be available (though I’ve never found out what’s actually in it).

I would like to see a PDF version of the material that is provided with the Boxed version be made available for download for Digital owners. It is disappointing that this was not already provided at launch.

All - Please vote this up. Going to rant bit.
NO, absolutely NO manual on this sim, certainty none in and how to set Any of the settings in sim, not graphics, not assistance and for sure not general. Aftermarket graphics setting information abounds.

My main complaint is we have not got the “profile creator” option which Honeycomb uses, nor have we gotten (19 months and counting) any way to print out the defaults for settings and then tweak things to get devices (aka, Virpil Joysticks and Throttles/panels) configured. My biggest complaint is no manual, not one, FSX had great help tutorial built in, X-Plane has online manual which you can copy (hold down left mouse button at top and scroll all way to bottom-highlight-paste into word or WordPad).

But we need a way to print out all the settings in all three areas of settings, first so if game crashes, we have baseline on settings, second, so we can see them, and tweak them, and or assign switch/button and see if it works. That config files are buried inside sim has not one bit of help, again, no manual telling purchasers where they are and how to read/change them (bad thing do not change config file).

Under General settings, there is a multitude of things you can set, but what the heck do all those things really mean? There are at least 100 settings for the drone camera, and I to this day aint got a clue on how it works period. I hate I have to go to YouTube and see another (must have watched at least 200 of them) video to figure out how all this stuff works.

FWIW-There are at least 10 ways to turn on the battery, again, which one is what I want to use, after spending 30 minutes testing each, nailed it. While game is running in the background, spinning up fans, and using up GPU/CPU cycles, to show me a screen unrelated to any and all “actions in sim”. waste of resources and electricity.

This one thing is my biggest complaint because if it’s not written down, it never happened. I for one voted it up by one.

And this one thing, has me debating in my mind, do I want to spend, days, even weeks, trying to figure this out, when possibly just removing this mess from PC and going back to FSX, and put X-Plane back on system since inside XP, graphical config picture, button press, switch lights up. It in the long run may, be way easier to get up and running. Time to reconsider future, because my time on this planet is limited.