Customer Service on this forum - Not the members-the Asobo/MS team

All - Let talk about customer service in this game. Yes, when I Zendesk errors, I usually get a response from that team. That a solution is e-mailed me maybe, more often I am directed to here and a specific place. That the solution may or may not fix the issue is not point here.

I have MSFS, FSX and XP-11 installed on PC. I recently purchased a Virpil VPC Mongoose T-50-CM-3 Throttle unit. For the most part, with exceptions, configuring in MSFS mostly works the way I want it to. FSX, well not so much, but the SW is 19 years old, so it’s just old and there may or may not be a solution to my issues.

On Saturday, 01-29-2022, I e-mailed Support for XP about a throttle binding issue was having with 4 engine planes and only having two physical throttles. This am, about 9:30am, sitting in my inbox was the solution to my question/concern. Gentlemen, that is what customer service is all about. If for no other reason than that, I will buy and use XP-12 when it is released, because solutions and customer service is NUMBER ONE/TOP OF THE HEAP. Unlike here, where we may never ever get a response, nor the thing hundreds of folks have asked for(below).

I posted this topic; it was repeat of at least 5 other requests for the same thing since game release. See this link - Printable manual - Self-Service / Wishlist - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums -. Oh, it should be noted, 19 months, no indication from Asobo/MS we will ever get a manual, or any technical information toward the workings of this game, but hundreds have asked for it. Where is the customer service???

It’s ok they merged the comment, but then was trying to set the parking brake and the game keeps freezing up, when trying to bind the switch. Finally figured out, I have to move switch back to it original position, then can save. Went off on that, because if we had in dept manual, we would understand how switch and lever bindings work in this game and would know certain actions are not possible. Nope, they flagged the comment and blocked it.

Now we have an update, got the MS Store stuff, but deathly afraid that it won’t install, because that is what happens when we have update. This is almost it for me, and the only reason I still try to play this game is the DC Designs F-14 and the freeware C-17. Those are the only two planes I like to fly. Once (wayyyyy outtttt futureeee) PMDGs 737 is released I will get the cargo one and have all the planes I might ever want to fly. If update breaks this time, good by to MSFS, it’s just more work than fun for me.

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To be clear, Microsoft Flight Simulator Official Support is through Zendesk. The forums are primarily for discussions.

Solutions that can be determined either through peer support (other users) or communicated through the Known Issues section can be found in the fourms, but the intent was never to provide a Technical Support channel. That is Zendesk.

Please see the section of the “Welcome to the Public Forums” pinned post marked “Q: So is this where I can submit a Bug Report?”

If you have concerns about Zendesk support, you can use the Other Category when Submitting a Request to give feedback about the Help Desk process.