Printing out "all Settings"

All - It would be nice to be able to print out all three groups of settings on paper, to verify against “tested and tried” setups others have done.

Asobo, please make it so we can edit our logbook and print out the thing. How many times have I just opened the sim to check something on a plane, and had a flight recorded with no progress. Those would be handy to delete.

Settings: Otherwise, I have to write them all down, type up a list and keep that instead. Please work on that update for us.

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To Note: There is a wishlist for printing out all the controls/bindings here:

I agree that a print function is definitely needed. Might as well include a ‘download’ function to put data into a spreadsheet.

I’ve been using screen-scraping to copy data from each screen. It is a time consuming process. Let me know if you want the instructions.

Yes, please. I tried Ctrl-C on the screen no joy. So, I took time to write them down and still got the controls to do but made print out of Joystick when setting it up, so have that one printed and saved several places. Also have a readout of the “supposed to be” keyboard commands, but some don’t work on my MSFS. Getting new throttle unit so not worried about the Honeycomb unit since it’s up for sale. But, figured out, some of its functions will not work on new one, so will have to see if I can program them into it. Mostly want FSX to run with it first, since my favorite plane is in that sim.

The Control Binding for each controller are in XML files, which are quite easy to read, and have the advavtage that they can be backed up and restored as well.

The Log book is a whole different thing, as it is not readily readable.

where is that .xml file?

Found them under:


Found the folder and figured out to open up that big number with notepad. I have saved link in text file and put it in special folder I keep “tricks and fixes” in. These things should all be in a place and format, easy to get too, and easy to backup. However, I get the fact that many people will “just muck around” in the sim without a clue on what possible things can be messed up and require a reinstall. Open each xxxxx=number long file with notepad. You can then scroll down and see what buttons are assigned to the device. It seems to keep several versions for the same device. FWIW-I quit using my Logitech 3DD Pro Joystick, but those config files are still present. I could delete them, but what would I mess up in the process. Better to back all of them up in separate place, label them as such in specific folder, then if game takes a crash, restore only the ones germane to the devices you have attached.

You can back up the whole game to another location by finding the "xxxxxx/Flight Simulator_8…/ folder and copying the whole thing to another place. I have mine saved on a removable 1TB drive that only MSFS stuff is saved too. Every update, I delete that backed up file (once game is running) and back it up again. Then I can delete game, restore it from backup, and it will only then download the files it needs to run (hopefully) correctly. Another forum member said this is what to do and has saved me quite a long haul on getting back game.


In that 000901F10718D591_00000000000000000000000069F80140 folder, there are files with long numeric names. Some of these are your controller XML files, BUT, they do NOT have a XMlL extension.

You can open each in turn, with something like NotePad, and if you see Text that looks like XML, near the top, you will see tag, with the Description of the controller it refers to.

The Bigger files, that are NOT xml are your LogBook, and other parameter settings

If you wish, you could back these up etc etc etc

WARNING: Some of the non XML files contain your personal information, like some addon license numbers etc, so be warned to to share them with others !!

ie my Sidewinder FFB Joystick xml file start with

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Version Num="2105"/>
<FriendlyName PlatformAvailability="15">C175 SideWinder  2  FF</FriendlyName>
<Device DeviceName="4 axis 8 button joystick with hat switch" GUID="{2B7E0730-0FE1-11EB-800D-444553540000}" ProductID="27" CompositeID="0">
		<Axis AxisName="X" AxisSensitivy="-29" AxisSensitivyMinus="-29" AxisNeutral="0" AxisDeadZone="4" AxisOutDeadZone="0" AxisResponseRate="-1"/>
		<Axis AxisName="Y" AxisSensitivy="-29" AxisSensitivyMinus="-29" AxisNeutral="0" AxisDeadZone="4" AxisOutDeadZone="0" AxisResponseRate="-1"/>
		<Axis AxisName="rZ" AxisSensitivy="-22" AxisSensitivyMinus="-24" AxisNeutral="0" AxisDeadZone="4" AxisOutDeadZone="0" AxisResponseRate="-1"/>
		<Axis AxisName="SliderX" AxisSensitivy="0" AxisSensitivyMinus="0" AxisNeutral="0" AxisDeadZone="0" AxisOutDeadZone="0" AxisResponseRate="-1"/>
	<Context ContextName="COCKPIT_GLOBAL_CAMERA">
		<Action ActionName="KEY_COCKPIT_LOOK_DOWN" Flag="1">
				<KEY Information="Joystick Pov Down">258</KEY>
		<Action ActionName="KEY_COCKPIT_LOOK_DOWNLEFT" Flag="2">
				<KEY Information="Joystick Pov Down_Left">261</KEY>

The “Friendly name” indicates what USB device it is for,


So be warned NOT to share them with others! Of course, any info you share with me I’ll keep it secret…

Thank you for the info about the location of these xml files. (There are several xml views/editors available that format the information better than Notepad.) I’m wondering if these files are shadow copies or temporary files of the info stored upstream in the servers.

Notepad++ will do a nice job editing with xml files.

The way I believe it works is ----- (and I keep saying “believe it works”, because I have yet to find any definitive Info from Asobo as to how it is meant to work)

(1) When you start MSFS and it connect to to the MS Severs with your x-box account, it syncs, and makes sure your setting match what is on the server.
(this is why you can delete MSFS from your PC, reload it, and wen you connect, it updates your configuration file on your PC, to what is on your account on the server (YOU HOPE) and does NOT sync and send you an empty Log Book,)

(2) You fly, add to your log book, change settings etc, then close MSFS.
Then when you close MSFS correctly, or at time during MSFS is running, your data is sent back to the MS Servers,

(3) So next time you start MSFS, the process (1) starts again.

There is always a chance, during this close down period, say if you task Kill or Crash, that your data is not sent back to the server.

There is also a chance that data gets corrupted during the sync time.

My Personal solution to help stop loosing data , is to automatically make a copy of all my data, in a date-time named folder, each time BEFORE I start MSFS, (batch file to start MSFS) so I have backups of my configuration and logbook data, every time I have started MSFS,

I hope is IF my MSFS data on my PC or on the server ever gets corrupted, I can FORCE one of my backups back into the Sync process, but so far, I have not had to do this, and so I have not tried –


To work around not being able to delete any logbook entries, I always turn on developer mode in General Options whenever I want to check out anything and do not want the sim to create a logbook entry for the experiment. My logbook has never been touched whenever I fly in developer mode.

In case any steam users are wondering, I found the files here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MicrosoftFlightSimulator\Input

I have been lucky so far that Sim/World - Updates have not messed with my settings so far.
However the last AAU1 messed with my Assistance and other Options.
It would be nice if there is an option that lets you quickly print out your settings and should the need arise you could easily reset them.
Other than General Options / Graphics page I never touch the settings. so when they were messed up I had no idea what I set them up to a couple years ago.
Have Others experienced the same problem? Know of an easy solution?
Thanks in advance

The community has been asking since release for the option to print out all the settings after we configure them. Our requests have gone to deaf ears. Additionally, many have asked for in-depth descriptions of those same settings (a manual-what a concept) since the folks who programed it, configured those settings know exactly what they are supposed to do. Join the crowd. I was not aware of the “settings again changing-and no mention in the release notes”, so again, we all have to go back and fix what was not broken. That is why I and other pull our hair out because they reinvent the wheel each and every update. Nuff Said.

A good idea. I would also suggest a menu option:

Save Settings Configuration File

Once we have the game set up just the way we like it we smash that button which would generate this file:

My Settings.cfg

We can then save this to our OneDrive, Google Drive or other cloud storage.

As @N6722C mentioned in a handy tip - the XMLs can be backed up.

Having the menu option will make it easier and more accessible for us to save menu settings.