Problem Throttle after last update of the MSFs2020

Hello Aviators I have a problem that I cannot solve even if I configure my Saitek Pro Flight system. Practically it happens both with the default A320 and also with the A320 FBW mod, when I am in the parking lot I start all the procedures without problems, the throttle seems to work well and responds well, but as soon as I get on the track and I put the throttle on toga Practically the engines they stay on idle and does not accelerate. Strange because everything works fine, but as soon as I get to the HP of the track and within everything it seems not to work. Anyone have the same problem ???

Is Auto Throttle Armed?

As for me, since last update, the game doesn’t recognise my hotas warthog throttle. I plugged and unplugged several times but still nothing to do.
Need some help too please guys

When you push the throttle in toga it arms automatically. But i don’t understand the engine are always on zero

so you have the same problem too?

Yes me too, last update I reinstalled Windows to solve problems, I had CTD while zooming on maps now with throttle :weary: I’m tired to do that in each update, fed up with this MFS

Same problem here. Hotas throttle stopped responding with the l;st up[date. Very frustrating.

If you are mapped to throttle axis, change this to throttle axis 1 to restore throttle control on your hotas.

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I just installed the F35 for MSFS I have the HOTAS Warthog , the joystick works but the throttle doesnt I am going crazy please help !!

Go to power management , throttle and use THROTTLE 1 AXIS , see it it works.
If you have 2 throttle program them with the same.

I can confirm that I see this issue too and it is as others suggest resovled by setting the throttle axis to Throttle Axis 1 in the Control Options for the HOTAS in FS as others are suggesting. Why this bug has been introduced I don’t know, but at least there is a workaround. Seems like it affects some aircraft more than others. In my case it was the T1 Hawk. I’d flown the CRJ berfore and it was fine, not tried teh A320NX or others yet.

Folks - please consider participating in this bug report, and report in particular AIrcraft types affected, both mod and stock, and what hardware controllers you’re using. Thanks!


Wierd. The throttle slider on my Sidewinder 2 was bound to the Throttle Axis and worked as expected until the latest update. Then it stopped. Checking the control settings, it still seemed to be bound correctly and working. Yet it had no effect on the aircraft engines. Tried binding it to Throttle Axis 1 to 4. Same result. Tried Throttle Axis 1 (0 to 100%) and it worked! Why do they keep changing things like this?

Same issue with throttle and rudder since last update. I am contacting other in msfs as well as to help me resolve the problem. I did go back to Xplane and everything works there…so nothing wrong with the hardware. If you can any help pass it on to me. Thanks.