Problem with A330-900

After Su8, when I put throttles forward for take off, the plane goes reverse. I have headwind -a330neo, download 8/1/2022

I tried again, and the problem is solved.

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How did you resolve this?

I did nothing; only enter again to the aircraft.

Probably thrust reversers were activated on accident.

Anyway headwind currently is working on a new release with a more recent A32Nx mod version:

I have this problem but it doesnt solve.
When i put throttles for taxing it change in reverse. I just cant moving foreward !!

You have to configure a button on joystick for reverse, regardless of the throttles. I have do so.

I have Already ^^

Guys, my english is not good and I’m new here so I’m sorry for anything wrong I do. However, I have a problem that that little arrow to change the altimeter to standby doesn’t appear