Problem with colors

I am making some buildings for a local airport and I don’t know why the same color appears different, like some how metallic and darker, as seen in attached picture. Section A should look with the same color as B. I am using Blender 2.95, shading is flat all over the project, and metallic set to zero.
Any ideas?
Thank you

Have you checked your vertices and faces? Try flipping them and see if it solves the issue. I’m a 3dsmax user so can’t help with blender side of things.

Regarding post above quick thing to try select the faces that are wrong in edit mode, then right click go to mesh tools in drop down list and then select flip normals.

You made my day, it works the flip to normal, I really thank you for your help!

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Right, flip to normal did the job, thank you very much

Awesome glad it helped I had seen this issue a few times and was manually flipping them, until I came across the flip normals option. hi buddy just came across this easy way to check the rotation of faces are correct by simply turning on an option.

Thank you! This is the way I fixed my objects

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