Problem with DarkStar SR-72


hello I have a problem with the darkstar apparently e been in taxi for takeoff the plane begins to tremble then I put in takeoff mode do not lift try to download again to solve the problem is the same as is happening with the DLC Top Gun Maverick that that plane is giving much failures everyone complains about that

hola tengo un problema con el darkstar al parece e estado en taxi para el despegue el avion empieza a temblar luego puse en modo despegue no levante intente volver a descargar para solucionar el problema esta lo misma que esta pasando con el DLC Top Gun Maverick que ese avion esta dando mcuhos fallos todo el mundo se queja de eso

Hi i have the same problem too I’ve tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it same problem
but ive just left it as it is as the rest of the sim running sweet maybe will be good on the next update.

When you say take off mode do you mean horizontal flight mode? If so thats not how you take off in this thing, you leave it in vert mode, apply thrust, lift gear, now push forward on the stick to get some momentum, once you start moving, switch to horizontal flight mode, pull the nose up slightly and BOOM away you go.

I’m have a problem of the experimental darkstar, when I try to take off, the plane starts to shake, and I can’t control it, do you know why it can be since I updated Windows 11 that it happens to me, this helps…