Problem with everything but the axes!

No one seems to have covered this although it’s partially discussed elsewhere. I have a PC w/Win 10: X-56 HOTAS (stick and throttles), Logitech rudder pedals, Bravo quadrant, X-Box controller, 3 TM Cougar MFDs, and a Razer Orb Weaver. All are connected, and all have a NULL setting with no bindings, so I can “disconnect” any of them I don’t need. All peripherals were working prior to the update.

Since the SU5, only the axes work, and actually show they’re working in the set-up. None of the buttons or switches are working, however. When I bind, say, the Flaps on the Bravo, I first clear the existing bind and Validate. Then I go back, highlight the box and click on the Flap Down switch. It registers in the box. I validate it.

Good so far. Then I reach over, without leaving the Controller screen, and push the Flaps Down lever. Normally, the binding will blink to show it’s active. But in this case, as with every other peripheral, although the bind registers, it doesn’t work, and the switch doesn’t show being activated.

Edit: I found out that ONE switch on the X-56 stick, switch 11 on the castle hat, is working as I bound it to switch between inside and outside views. It’s the only non-axis control that seems to work.

Every axis, however, does work, on every peripheral. X-56 joystick (ailerons/elevator), X-56 throttles and rotaries, the Rudder and brakes, and Bravo levers (but not the switches in tne detent). I have re-booted the machine several times, removed the Community folder, and re-installed the Bravo software, checked the AFC_Bridge and all paths, and…nothing.

If this is already an issue and supposed to be fixed soon, please let me know. Right now, I’m over on DCS, where everything still works.

Same exact thing for me. I mean exactly. So don’t feel alone, I hope they fix this thing quickly. I can’t even tell if the sim sees my buttons because they don’t register (light up) in the sim to tell me that it recognizes the switch, lever, button…nothing… some things blindly work like the flaps in some airplanes and not in others and when I go to “CONTROLS” it just sits there and says “Loading…” for a long time before I can even get into settings!!! Every time I try to go into “CONTROLS” it says “loading” for a long time even while flying and it knows what profile I’m using (it’s like it is totally confused at all the profiles and has an issue with the bindings), this is so frustrating. I can’t believe they have left this part of the sim broken for so long. It amazes me that they are not fixing this immediately since it’s a MAJOR bug, not a minor bug.

J’ai le kit Trusmaster A320 et A320 Addon et depuis la dernière mise à jour plus un seul bouton ne fonctionne. Ex : j’ai 1 moteur sur le 320, impossible d’allumer l’autre.
J’ai fait une maj de firmaware sans succès.
Tout est ok coté hardware selon le panneau de config Trustmaster.
Bref, c’est la m…e totale à cause d’une maj visiblement bâclée et non testée.
C’est bien d’élargir la marché et de capter de nouveau gogos avec les consoles, mais ça ne doit pas se faire au détriment de ce qui fonctionne.
Un correctif est urgemment attendu.