Problem with Keyboard Profile

Hello !

I’m hoping to get some help here… I’m usually pretty good configuring my Sim and troubleshooting it, but for this one I’m unsure where to look.

So since a few days, whenever I change a binding on my keyboard (General Option → Controls option), my binding does not stay. I click save and when I return on the new, the new created profile has disapeared. It will although hold my new bindings until I restart the sim and then they all return to default.

I have tried created new profiles, they wont stay.

It’s only affecting the Keyboard. I do have the Thrustmaster Airbus & Boeing sets, Xbox controller, tobii, X52 Hotas joystick, logitech quadrant, they all works fine. It’s only the keyboard that’s having the issue.

I wonder if there is a file somewhere that is corrupted and I could delete so the Sim recreates it… I don’t know !

Thanks !

Just a SWAG, but have you tried unplugging the keyboard from your PC, plugging it back in, rebooting, then restarting MSFS. Also, it may be an issue if your keyboard is connected (or wireless receiver) is connected via a USB hub. Thanks.

Yea good to mention this. Yea all that have been done :confused:

Changed USB ports (not in a hub unlike other simming hardware, directly in Motherboard 2.0USB), rebooted. it’s logitech wired mechanical keyboard, works great.