Problem with some scenery, when loading screen

Some scenery in a community folder that has a lot of scenery causes the loading screen to get stuck when downloading the flight.

In an empty folder, these sceneries will work fine.

Do you know a solution that eliminates this problem without emptying the community folder?

Thanks in advance for your help.

When the loading got stuck it’s in most cases an indicator for a faulty addon.

You need to find the addon and either update it, or if no update is available delete it from the community folder.

You can also try to locate your scenery dat files and delete them - they are rebuilt automatically. This is necessary sometimes after an update of the sim.

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Thank you for your answer Sir. I know which addons I bought cause this problem, but they are not damaged because if the community folder is empty, they work.

They are not damaged as such, but they are probably not fully compatible with the current version of the sim. This can cause other addons, or the sim, to not load properly.

I’ve had this problem before the SU10 and after, both.
the sceneries purchased are:
ENSH Svolvaer Airport from ORBX

What’s odd here is that screen shot isn’t in-game footage of broken scenery. That would totally be due to an incompatible mod of some sort.

This is the loading screen which should be a 2D bitmap image file being displayed, not a 3D rendered scene. Why would he have these strange artifacts on the loading screens?

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Hi. I can not understand exactly what you mean, but the loading screen for me - and in my unprofessional eyes - are always like that.

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When asking for help, we ask that people use the Community Support category instead of General Discussion. I have moved your topic there. Thank you.

He just photographed the screen and this is most likely a Moiré pattern.

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I may have misunderstood the OPs first post…

Now that I look at that from a computer screen instead of my phone, I realize it’s a photo of the monitor and not the screen shot. It’s indeed moiré pattern.

That exactly indicates that there is some probelm with the addons in your comunity folder. If the sim works without it, then the problem can only be the addon itself or the combination of you current MSFS version and the current MSFS version.

So if you are up to date with either version, than you’ll have bad luck and the sim and the addon are currently incompatible → you need to delete the addon.
If the addon is not on its last version, then update, and it most likley will work again.

So thats what they are called. I see this all the time when taking pics of my screen to help friends who are stuck with something on Windows.

The learning never ends, thanks for the link!

OP - after every update fly for at least 60 to 90 minutes without Community folder enabled to establish how a baseline “clean” game functions.