Problem with the ATR 72 on an RNAV approach

Hello I have a small problem with the ATR 72 on an RNAV approach. When I change my altitude to switch to VNAV mode my TOD moves away. ditto, when I have to intercept my descent plan the APPR mode does not work. procedural problem or bug? Thank you for your answers

Change your speed to managed from auto

Do you dial in the lower altitude when you are at TOD or already some time before?

The ATR is a bit different than other aircraft as you can’t set the lower target altitude for VNAV Path much in advance.

Yes you can if you go to managed mode

just a little before maybe too much I will try to return to my altitude just at the TOD

What do you mean about ?

Wait until after the TOD disappears. Then lower your altitude. Then press vnav. This seems to work for me. Wait until on Final then press APP. V-FP will appear and actually engage 2 miles before the FAF (Glide slope intercept point). It then led me down to the runway threshold (a little short)

yeah this is an issue…also an issue with CRJ strangely (same dev)