Problem with the content manager. (- fs-base-propdefs - required version 0.1.2)

Hello everyone. How are they? Does anyone know how to update or fix this error? It asks me to have this version of the - fs-base-propdefs-. I would need help, because because of this, much of the game is not updated and it does not let me install purchases. Thanks a lot.

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Hi @FrankAv1314

I have seen this occur a few times in different ways but cannot say for certain how to correct the problem.

If you have the steam version of the game, I have read elsewhere that logging out of your steam client and then logging back in to the steam client may fix this issue.

If you have folders/mods in your community folder then I also suggest temporarily moving them out of the community folder and then re-run the simulator. I am aware of some issues of installing aircraft purchased in the market place if there are items in the community folder.

I hope you find a fix soon.

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@tamalien I have tried it, what it tells me is that it does not install it for me because it requires the following content for it to install and run correctly: - fs-base-propdefs- required version 0.1.2.

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If you have tried both of the suggestions I gave above and it still does not work, then I recommend you create a support ticket with Zendesk to get official support. (Note you will need to log in to Zendesk using your Microsoft/xbox account details)

While you wait for a reply from official support others may post alternative suggestions for things to try.

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@tamalien Hello how are you? I was able to fix the problem. Thank you for the contact with Zendesk. I comment separately for all who see this post, that Zendesk’s response was immediate, and above all they solved the problem, which in fact was very simple. The problem was that I did not install part of the game’s content, what I simply did was close all the sessions, both the MSFS 2020 session, the one in Xbox and the Microsoft Store, where I purchased the game, restart the pc, I logged into the aforementioned accounts and went to the content manager and everything was automatically installed. I hope this will be of use to all those who are going through the same thing and I am willing to help them with whatever they need and do not hesitate to contact Zendesk for their response is immediate. Thank you very much to all.


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