Problems with FS2020 and Windows Update

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Hi all, it’s my second round with the problem in the subject: I tried to start MSFS2020 normally, but it locks at the initial screen with an eternally turning wheel at the bottom right of the screen. At the same time some Microsoft DX and Visual C++ starting appeared in the notification area. Subsequently the MS Store and Windows Update (error 0x80080005) don’t work anymore. For my knowledge there is no other way, I have to reinstall Windows10 20H2, and this is the second not unfortunate case, this is a real unsolved problem with MSFS2020 and the MS Store garbage that are driving me to reinstall a working operative system for the second time in 2 months. Just letting you know what happens on my side, just curious to see what happens on yours.

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no screenshots availabls

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it is a random problem linked to FS2020 and MSFS Store.

Hi @Claudius2114,
I’ve moved your topic into Bugs & Issues > Performance, Graphics & CTD as this category is related to your issue.

There is an older topic (in archives) on the error you get (read, but don’t post in this area):
MSFS starting Microsoft Store and not MSFS - Archives / Bugs & Issues - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Hello, thank you for moving the message in the right area of this forum. The old topic you linked was discussing another problem, but with similar collateral effects.

In the attached screen shot one of the consequences of the problem, in the MS Store there is a non concluding download of DX and Visual Microsoft software, already and correctly installed. I think that this nightmare is caused by MS Store unknown reasons.

Hi, had the same problem, this solution solved it


Nothing worked on my side, just reinstalling the operative system solved the problem. Also, the entire Windows Defender suite disappeared, so I think that a malware caused the problem.

Now I have another problem: trying to reinstall MSFS and the downloading speed are ridicolously slow.

Hi @Claudius2114,
When you reinstalled Windows, are you sure you got the correct drivers for your network adaptor? (it’s better to use a wire than WiFi)

Also can try this:
Slow download speed – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (

My LAN is perfect regarding the hardware and the software aspects, usually my download speeds are around 200Mb/s on fiber.

MSFS2020 is downloading slow from 6 to 12Mb/s, as usual. Sometimes and occasionally it is going at 130Mb/s