Problems with ILS

Excuse my english.
I speak Italian.
Empty community folder.
Only original aircraft + 777-200 / 777-300 CaptainSim

Lately I upload the flight plan with FS2020.
For example Zurich Milan (ZRH-MXP)
I choose departure and arrival with ILS approach.
All good but DOES NOT intercept ILS. I don’t see the little diamonds in the instrument.
It has always worked great, but after the last update it doesn’t work anymore. With any plane. I use 320NEO 747 and 787.
ATC also has many problems …
After the last update something has changed, but I can’t understand.
We hope they resolve quickly.
Thanks to everyone and have a good day.

Make sure Nav/localizer frequency for the runway is properly entered…

Hi, thanks for the answer.
But I’ve never entered anything.
I have always loaded the flight (from to) directly from FS2020.
I chose the type of approach and everything worked.
After last update it seems to load the wrong data … bug?

Yes, a new bug. The correct frequency isn’t (always) entered anymore.

You have to look it up before the flight, e.g. in the world map, filter navaids and click on the localizer symbol (opposite side of your arrival runway).

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thank you very much :slight_smile: