Problems with SDK download

I would like to install the SDK but none of the links in the “Help” menu seem to work.
When MSFS came out I had installed the SDK but since I no longer need it, I have not used it or updated it.
By activating developer mode, at the top right I have the button to update the SDK but that doesn’t work either.
I have already installed all the Windows and Microsoft Store updates.

Is there something I’m missing? It is the only problem I have with MSFS.


I have the same issue I click the “Download” box under SDK Version 0.18.0 and nothing happens.

Just curious, is it important to get SDK’s if your not going into other modes?

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I have the same issue, nothing in the menu seems to work and also the giant download button does nothing.


I’m sorry if I answer only now.
Thank you so much!!

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You’re very welcome.

Obviously the links above are great. The reason this happens is because of a couple of things.

A . It doesn’t like ultra wide resolutions 5120x1440, you have to restart the game in a lower resolution
B. Internet explorer has to be your default browser (it wouldn’t open in Chrome for me)