Process hangs after "Quit to desktop"

Starting with SU11, when I try to exit the flight sim after completing a flight, I’m back on the desktop, but the MSFS process is still running and visible on the Windows taskbar. “Close window” from the context menu does nothing. I have to restart Windows, use the task manager (End task) or Steam to force the process to quit.

I purchased on Steam. I’m flying in VR using SteamVR. OpenXR Toolkit is active. Nvidia drivers are 526.47 (updating to 526.86 now).

Anybody else with the same issue? Is it a known problem, is there a fix or workaround?

edit: I created a duplicate of this topic in the bug report section. Please consider chiming in and remember to contribute if you’re affected by the issue.

Sometimes it is the same situation.
Sometimes it doesn’t.
This is the STEAM version.

In my case, it doesn’t go forward from the black screen even at startup, and in that case, when I press Alt+Tab to switch windows, a spinning loading icon appears in the lower right corner and it goes ahead as if nothing happened.

I hope it can be fixed, but I don’t know.

I have this problem, too but seems to be that this not very common problem. And yes - I use Steam vesion.

Could be related to active Simconnect clients.
When I shut down all the processes connected to the sim before selecting “Quit to desktop”, the sim managed a clean shut down.

More testing might need to be done.

My Simconnect clients:
always: Little Navmap, FSUIPC7, Brunner CLS2Sim
frequently: FSEconomy
occasionally: FSRealistic, FSLTL, SimRateBandit

edit: This was probably a fluke. Disregard.

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Oh! Thank you!
I have an idea of what I’m looking for, I’ll give it a try too.
LittleNavmap and Neofly

I also have this issue quite regularly (but not always) with this update. I have no Simconnect clients. I do however use SteamVR and I have the Steam version.

I have this issue. I’ve narrowed it down to only a certain set of payware airports from one dev that I own. Only his airports, and only if they’re used in the sim. If they’re not, it quits normally. If I use two of his airports, maybe for both dep/arr, the freeze is more common just going to main menu. Meaning I end task, and it counts as a CTD (prompts safe mode next boot). If i end task while quitting to desktop, no prompt.

I have heard this is happening with some freeware airports as well.

Also, I’ve had this throughout the 11 beta as well (on MS store). And no, the recent online server issues arent effecting this.

I guess the successful shutdown after closing all the Simconnect clients and SteamVR before hitting “Quit to desktop” was just a fluke. I just used the same procedure, and MSFS is hanging again.

yes it just happens randomly

I created a duplicate of this topic in the bug report sections. Please consider chiming in there.

I’ve been using SU11 Beta and never had this issue until I installed the public version of Su11 and 40th. Sim Hangs every time I quit to exit game.

For me it’s 3rd party conflict. Just verified by deactivating/reactivating my addons using addons linker. The pain will be to track it down