[Product Announcement] Miltech Simulations Supercarrier Pro for MSFS



Welcome aboard the first Studio-Level Functional Aircraft Carrier Pack for MSFS.

At Miltech Simulations, we have been developing the necessary tech for functional Aircraft Carriers for the past three years. This product is the result of extensive research and development of proprietary tech to enable all the real-life systems and operations that you may find in US and in international Aircraft Carriers.

  • Beautifully Modeled Ships: four ships included on initial release, Ford-Class CVN-78, Nimitz-Class CVN-76, Arleigh-Burke Destroyers and Ticonderoga Cruisers.

  • Roadmap: Additional US Historical Ships and French Carrier Charles de Gaulle planned for free future updates. Other ship packs may be released as expansions.

  • Moving and Static Ships: A total of 14 moving locations and 12 static (anchored) locations are included.

  • Miltech Simulations Supercarrier Pro Toolbar: In-sim toolbar for full control of the carriers

  • Universally-compatible Arrestor Cables and Catapults: This product was developed in n such a way that any aircraft, stock or 3rd party, can use the catapults and arrestor cables without any modification, and regardless if the aircraft has a tailhook or not.

  • Full Xbox Support: All features are fully supported on Xbox. Carriers have been optimized for excellent performance on Xbox.

  • FLOLS and LRLS: Functional Optical Landing Systems to safely guide your aircraft to the deck - follow “the Ball”

  • Landing Signal Officer: Fully functional Landing Signal Officer, with functional audio callouts to guide the aircraft on landing and feedback scoring based on real naval operations.

  • Animated Crew, Jet Blast Deflectors and Elevators

  • Fully Accessible Hangar

  • Exclusive Discord Community to foster group flights, events and interaction among players. Invite is available on the Toolbar

  • Full Multiplayer Support: Both moving and static carriers are fully compatible over multiplayer.

Releasing for MSFS September 14th at miltechsimulations.com and ORBX. MS Marketplace shortly after.


Amazing work! Would love to see this team do some military air bases as well.

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Very exciting , I’m looking forward to this !!!

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Wow looks great, best carriers I’ve seen in the sim.

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It seems very interesting as it works in multiplayer and with third party planes.

This will definitely be a purchase!


  1. MILTECH SIMULATIONS STORE: We are now launching our own official store. Starting September 14th, all our products will be available at the Miltech Store, and this will be key for all our future releases - early access to products will be exclusively available at the store, with large distributors coming shortly after.

  2. MILTECH SIMULATIONS DOC HUB: Our new documentation hub is now available. From now onwards, all product manuals will exclusively be found here. We will no longer include PDF manuals with our products, and instead, exclusively have this web-based manual. The web-based manual is a lot more intuitive, easier to navigate, and easier to iterate. The Doc Hub is now available at docs.miltechsimulations.com. Documentation for the Supercarrier Pro is now available.

  3. LOCATIONS, TOOLBAR, ROADMAP: We have created a few infographics to cover some extra details regarding locations, functions, and roadmap for the addition of new features, future ships, etc. We have been working with content creators, as well as gathering feedback from the community to continue adding features and ships to the pack.

  1. PRICING: The launch price will be 14.99 USD$ across all marketplaces. Info on upgrade discounts can be found below.

  2. USS GEORGE BUSH UPGRADE PATHS: If you are a customer of our USS GWB Product on PC (regardless of the marketplace you bought the product from), there will be 30% discount available for you to redeem. This discount will only be available through Miltech Simulation’s official store. Upon launch, we will share the step-by-step process on how to redeem the discount. Xbox customers - we are working on how to make this discount available as well, but unfortunately, the Marketplace does not have the required infrastructure.



Experience what is like to be a naval aviator aboard the first Studio-Level Functional Aircraft Carrier Pack for MSFS.

  • Features two beautifully modeled ships (CVN-78 and CVN-76) and 28 locations around the world, both moving and static.

  • Fully accessible aircraft hangar on moving locations.

  • Functional LSO with radio callouts, feedback, and scoring.

  • Animated crew, Jet Blast Deflectors, Elevators and flags.

  • Universally-compatible Arrestor Cables and Catapults

  • FLOLS and LRLS

  • Exclusive Discord Community

  • Full multiplayer, Xbox and VR support

  • More ships to be included for free: CVN-72, Charles de Gaulle, etc.

Supercarrier Pro for MSFS is now available at https://store.miltechsimulations.com/

Available at ORBX Shortly. Coming to the MS Marketplace for PC and Xbox in the upcoming days.

USS George Bush Customers: Upgrade Path

Customers of the USS George Bush (for PC), regardless of which marketplace the product was bought from, can get a 30% off Supercarrier Pro by filling out the following form: https://www.miltechsimulations.com/upgrade

A discount will be generated that can be exclusively redeemed at the Miltech Store.


Congrats, this looks amazing!

Just purchased and it looks superb. Will be spending tomorrow on it (and the weekend no doubt).


Looking forward to your review!

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Is it wrong to just get this without even waiting for a review? Nope, I need these in my flight sim life. Now my T45c has a purpose!!!

PS: Does anyone know how hard it is to land the F4 Phantom II???


The Addon is worth its money. With USS G.W. Bush discount (if you own it) it is around 10$. But even the full price is a very very good price for what you get. Animated Crews, Blast Doors etc… The Phantom is harder to land than the goshawk in my opinion. F18 and F35 are the easiest.

here is my just released Review Video in german language.



Initial impressions then, bearing in mind this comes from someone who has never used carriers before - I didn’t even realise I wanted to.

Graphically, this is excellent - really nice modelling, textures and animations on the ship itself and the static elements placed around. I did notice that roaming around with the drone camera that the hanger has a transparent hull (Ford-Class CVN78 - Static carrier at Singapore). You can’t teleport to a hanger on a static. When I went to the hanger on a moving carrier, the hull was fully opaque.

As a complete novice, I was really glad of the manual. It is superb, both in terms of format and content. The sections are full of links to easily skip to other relevant content, lots of images for clarity of explanation etc. It’s a really nice job.

I was using the Hawk T1, so had to use the included modern arrestor cable, included by Miltech (available from the toolbar) to allow any aircraft to land. The toolbar is a nice addition that provides a lot of functionality to tailor the experience and provide guidance, another really nice QOL addition.

There’s full TACAN and ILS capability, I’ve tuned into them and they work but I haven’t tried coming in from a distance yet. The Landing Signal Officer communication is good, providing audio cues in conjunction with the lighting system.

It’s a bit tricky getting the glidescope right, but I find holding a 3 degree descent with the Hawk tricky anyway. I managed a couple of bolters and an OK Landing with a score of 3.3 out of 5 (reasonable deviations). There’s a nice matrix in the manual showing how your score is derived.

So, to sum up. This looks to be a really well-made addition and it’s obvious there has been a ton of thought gone into it. I really like that they’ve tried to make it inclusive with lots of well-written help, advice and techniques. Above all, it’s really fun! In addition, I think the price is extremely reasonable for what you get. I think I paid £12 from the miltech website, absolute bargain.


Bought this to yesterday …fabulous fun!
You mention a manual …that is the one bit I could not find …where is it?


Thats for your review!

Hangars are currently only accessible on moving ships. Static ships should have a door in there so hangar is not visible externally. However, this seems to sometimes fail and we do have plans to fully support hangar interiors on static ships - if everything works out we should be introducing that on V1.0.1


Yeah, I did read about the accessibility of hangers, it wasn’t a problem at all, just an observation.
Anyway, congratulations on the release, it’s very impressive.

A great product.

Anyone else seeing this wireframe thing around the arrester hook? Spawned on two different statics, the one down by San Diego and the one up by Whidbey Island and both have this weird wireframe thing for me.

Anyway ignoring that I managed to take off without much fuss. Was quite fun watching the dude guide me in and getting set up. Did a very poor circuit and I do not wish to talk about the landing attempt at this time.

Think I bounced over the wires!

Second attempt, 1.9/5 and the first wire lol. Woo! :man_facepalming: