Progress! Super nice Update! The weather: snow & ice!

I also fly in Iran and was very excited to see the snow on the mountains. I am getting more stutters though with the new update! Hoping it’s on their end. The frame rate is still fairly good 35-45.

Thank you for this post. As we drown in complaints, I do appreciate the attention Asobo is giving both the product and the community. We’re a demanding bunch, and progress is progress. Merry Christmas!


Sorry to hear that people have issues and are not able to enjoy the fabulous Flightsimulator. Hopefully it will get better for most of them in the future. Greetings and thank you for your reply! Appreciated


I got full snow cover and iced ocean last night in Cape Town with live weather (said 19 deg in game still, was 30 deg summer day) . :smiley:

Happened only once, but hopefully full snow cover and iced oeans isnt the default weather.

Update is cool but it still didn’t fix some of the smaller issues that are rather easy to fix, such as problems with loading landmarks.

I do have fun with it and it is a progress. I am just deeply dissapointed that the issues reported that were small, weren’t resolved.

Op, do you mind testing LOD’s of Devil’s Tower? Spawn somewhere far away from it and fly towards it. Does it spawn in late for you? If yes, do you mind posting about it here?:


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Hello and thank you for your reply. Love flying in Iranian airspace, since I know it from real life and know many routes from within the cockpit. However, this morning when I have started the sim at OIII and I saw the snow (due to Corona I am stuck here) and I have a comparison: Just AWESOME! Very realistic. Long live Echo Papa & greetings Boss :blush:

i’m in Siberia take a look of Lena river!


Hi, sure once im am in my Flightsimulator, I’ll test it and let you know.

Super awesome! Thank you for posting…greetings to Serbia! Vesele vanoce :blush:

Thanks man, I appreciate it.

Remember to fly around level with it, same altitude, spawning around 10nm or so away from it. Fly towards it and see if it spawns. If you can’t make out devil’s tower on the horizon itself, then it’s likely broken.

Roger, will do :wink:

Same here in the Pyrenees, that a wonderfull joy to see snow in altitude like in real life, it look likes what I can see from my home, I really enjoy it :smiley:

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Hi All
Good to see happy people, just completed a flight from LOWG to Nice LFMN with the A320 default. Improvement to the model is immense. Even the ATC was almost perfect.
Thank you The MSFS Team for this Christmas Present.
Keep well and enjoy the Christmas Break.

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Hello Jokabaku, yes you are right, there was nothing on the horizon until I got near, so near that it suddenly spawned in front of me and I almost crashed into it. But then it remained there and I had no problems with the Devil’s Tower.!

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Post it in the topic ive linked. Im tryin to push asobo to fix it

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Done. I have posted it there.

How do you get the dark version
I only have the light one

It is exclusively for Alpha and Beta testers…


Just flew around Bryce Canyon area, patches of snow and ice on the ground, mountaintops with snow, and ice on the engine cowlings… fantastic!

Thanks ASOBO… keep going! Multi Monitor support PLEASE!! This scenery is too good to see on one monitor…