Project Persia Part III | OIII Mehrabad International Airport Coming Soon

After many months of delay we are finally very close to releasing OIII Tehran Mehrabad International Airport!

This has by far been the most complex of the projects we have worked through given the sheer number of buildings and the complex layout of this old but charming city airport.

Mehrabad handles almost all domestic flights for Tehran, the capital of Iran. It was the main airport handling international flights in and out of the country but those flights are now handled through OIIE.

Hope you enjoy the screenshots below and please look out for a release soon!


Impeccable indeed.

I still remember flying in/out of Mehrabad as a young kid. The images above look fantastic!

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Any news on this guys?

Its under beta testing with Aerosoft - hopefully its a matter of a few weeks away from release!


It’s been 3 weeks now… Can’t wait to fly the Fenix a320 to oiii

Yes - Beta testing is now complete and final packages are with Aerosoft for launch. Assuming no unforeseen hiccups, I hope its released in the next couple of weeks.


Simply amazing! Looking forward to it.
I hope Esfahan is planned as well :smiley: Finger crossed!


Hello Amir,

Is this going to cause any incompatibilities with aaMasih’s Tehran pack?

پیشاپیش از جوابتون متشکرم

I dont think so as i think you can pick and choose what landmarks to include in aaMasih’s pack.

We have modelled:

  1. Azadi Square
  2. Milad Tower
  3. Azadi Stadium

Does aaMasih’s Tehran pack still work for you? It stopped working for me a couple of sim updates before and I couldn’t find any workaround for it.

Looking forward to this release. OIII is the most nostalgic airport for me.

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It’s been fine for me, I get all the landmarks still.

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Hi Amir, I am looking forward to your OIII. When will you release this beauty? Greetings Amir

Thanks for all the interest - its been released!!!

You can find it through Aerosoft now and on the other major platforms including the Marketplace imminently.


not yet available in the marketplace I guess ?!

Hello Amir
impressive work … Do you have any plan for other airports?

Marketplace will take longer unfortunately - this is because of the Microsoft turn-around time.

Next airport is tentatively Mashhad!



@Amir747SP Awesome job with the OIII add-ons. And thank you for adding the extra scenery objects (Azadi and Milad towers). Those were a surprise and really the icing on the cake :slight_smile:

Glad you are enjoying it!