Prop distorted

Everything loaded and installed nicely and is looking good on my Reverb G2.
I’m having an issue with the prop being distorted. Any ideas?

Might not be a popular opinion but perhaps if we were given the option to disable/remove prop effects then it would allow a clearer view in VR.

I’ve just come on here looking for what sounds like the same issue - the area between the prop and the cowling gets badly distorted, almost looks like an Oscilloscope (i.e. the image randomly distorts as if made of jelly). It also occurs on the wing spars in the Savage cub. Don’t think it’s FPS realted as I’m happy with how smooth it’s flying and I’ve wound it right back to the default VR settings and tried different AA settings with no improvement. Have gone through a few options to see if I can work out whats causing it but no luck yet - also on a Reverb G2.

Found the issue in my case - looks likes its the motion reprojection causing the distortion - while it makes things beautifully smooth it doesn’t half distort things. Tried unticking the Use latest preview OpenXR runtime but that didn’t help so set it to disabled and no distortion - also much less smooth so have to run lower settings. reprojection seems to do a really nice job as long as I don’t mind feeling sick due to distortion. :nauseated_face:

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There is a prop mod that greatly reduces artifacts from reprojection.

Please provide a link. Thank you most kindly.


Oh thanks very much for your trouble :relaxed:

Addendum: Wow that made a HUGE difference!

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It looks like it was the Motion Projection in OpenXR that was the culprit. I turned it off and that fixed it. The prop mod made no difference for me.

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