Propeller Flicker

Has anyone noticed all the Asobo planes have this odd flicker to the propeller? Its like the person who designed this only ever saw a propeller spin on a video. In videos you will see a flicker in the propeller arc due to the tv or monitor only being able to display a certain number of frames per second but in real life a prop spinning at 2000+ RPM is in most lighting situations, just a hazy uniform blur. The Carenado aircraft are spot on in this regard in my opinion.

I hope Asobo changes this or a mod comes out. This effect actually gives me a headache over time!

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So, i’ve learnt something today then.

Whilst a bit irritating I thought this was how it was in RL so I try to avoid direct propeller cockpit views.

Come to think of it, years ago when I simmed in FSX wasn’t there a cockpit view which eliminated the propeller, probably for these reasons?