Propeller visual effect sometimes makes me queasy, any way to modify it?

I am slightly susceptible to strobing effects. They can make me feel queasy and get a headache.

Is there any option to modify the strobing propeller effect to make it less “flashy”? Like maybe just make it a constant blur or even disable it entirely?

If not that would be a very welcome addition for me.


You could use a jet until they provide an option to provide a switch to make the propeller less strobing which will actually diminish the realism.

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I’ve recently been suffering from headaches and it never occurred to me that it might be this. Interesting.

Have you logged it via ZenDesk with them as feedback so you’re sure that it’s been picked up?

Depends on the aircraft IMO. The prop effects are e.g. very nice/subtle in the DR400 and the 208 but really bad in the 152, at least at 60fps and vsync enabled.

For me it actually depends on the rpm of the engine on different aircraft.

I’ve actually had to adjust my throttle to make the strobing less brutal on my brain.

I’m sure you could blur the file relating to the prop in photoshop, making it more blurry. Let me know the aircraft you want adjusting and I’ll check and see if its possible.

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It seems like they are doing a lot of things with shaders and different layers to make the effect.

But if you want to take a stab at it, the TBM 930 and the Savage Cub are the two that seem to have it worst for me.

ok I’ll take a look this evening for you and see if i can do anything.

It should possible to disable the blurry propeller object, or propeller itself totally; by editing the aircraft files. I know how to do that in XP, but I didn’t had time to check the MSFS SDK. Maybe someone else can help you with a practical way to do that in MSFS

Just looked don’t see mdl file to edit , ofc I am no expert on this.

Might be adjustable via the texture files?

Maybe , no clue this file structure is crazy lol

Give me a little time, I’ll have a look see :wink:

Search for “Blur Mesh for Props” in SDK :wink:

Is it allowed to post .DDS files from the aircrafts ?

I´ve changed for the most planes the propeller animation files by making them more transparent.
There are always two files to change for each aircraft.
The animation effect is also to much for me.

The program i´ve used was Gimp for editing the .DDS files.

I think so.
However you put a link, at most it will be blocked by the site admin :shushing_face:

Could you please, upload it ??

which aircraft do you want to try first ?

Which files did you change? Is it …_PROP_SIDE and …PROPELLER_BLUR_ALBD as one would guess?

I might take a stab at this myself. Well, I guess I just did as I found those files prior to looking for a thread about this.

I don’t really want to make it transparent though. Would be nice if it would just look different in flight somehow…
Also based on what I’ve read from pilots online, props IRL are more like a constant blur/like a disc than they are in MSFS, where they seem to look more like what a camera (with a global shutter) would see, with aliasing effects etc.

I´ve only searched the prop files for each plane.

for example, for the shock ultra:

make a backup before you overwrite :wink: