Prophawks - Bush Flying / Challenging flights together


Hello me and a friend have created a group around the idea of doing Multiplayer Bush Style Flights in different locations around the world. Not just bush flights but any GA aircraft are allowed.

The idea is every Sunday at 6:30PM UTC we will all fly together on a published route with specific weather presets and we also will do community challenges. Anyone is free to join any of the events if they wish.

We just really want to have people who want to Bush fly / GA fly together! :slight_smile:

If your interested or want more information join our discord:


awesome! im in.

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Thanks for joining :smiley:

Sounds fun. Joined.

sound great, I would like to join

went to Prophawks server today the 16th, but no one there with a flight. Will be gone next week but try again in 2 weeks.

Hey, this is because we are waiting for the full launch before doing events :slight_smile: Stay tuned! We want to launch it for everyone, not just Alpha players.

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seems very fun!

Very nice! Definitely Iā€™m in!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Im on my way

Bush pilot here! Would love to join!

Joining :slight_smile:

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