Prosim for the 737

I dont mind saying this but to download and just get going with Prosim is got my head exploding. You read one thing and it tells you another on another page and thats before you download it. I have been messing around with Arduino boards and switches displays ect just to start the basics and get familiar with the Prosim software. I went on the website and it gives you 5 different options on the download page. Some of them are for different Aircraft but there is around 4 or 5 for the 737. Then in the Guide to install it tells you that you can save the extracted files to another folder anywhere. Even a different drive. All i can see when i open these extracted files are more files then more files. There is no install in these extracted files to install it to your PC. I know this because to extract files to a folder is not installing software. I thought this was a stand alone Software that goes hand in hand with many flight sims and gives you the ability to assign just about any electronic hardware to it. Can anyone give me strait instructions to where to download Prosim and how exactly to install it.

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The Third Party forums here at MSFS are provided for General Discussion of products. Your detailed inquiry would lead you to be better off asking this directly in the Prosim Forum:

First time I read about this. Could you explained what it is?

I’ve owned a version around 8 years ago, so my memory is hazy. Your best bet would be to create an account for the forums and ask. From what I remember, the suite contains a separate file/module for CDU, overhead panel, etc. Each module can be moved to a different screen and configured on its own. There is one central file that you have to run the controls the rest of the modules.

Here is a setup wiki:

And downloads:

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