PSA: NVidia has found the root cause of stuttering and VR performance in their drivers!

im tired to try every day a new driver :smiley: anyone feedback with the latest driver?

@NameTinte529369 Have you actually at least clicked the link to NVidia forums prior posting this question?

If you’re more specifically asking for the driver which is discussed here but unrelated to the topic, it is usually reported as being less good than 457.30 anyhow.

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I have compared 457.30 and 461.09 switching them back and forth two times. 457.30 looks better and more fluent for me even though they both give same fps.


That’s great, hopefully not too long until they can roll out the fix.

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In the meantime, you might want to consider 451.48:


Maybe for 20XX, but not compatible with 30XX:

What NVidia Drivers are recommended for VR
How to install Nvidia drivers properly when trying out different versions

Did more testing here and on my 2070S 457.30 still better than the new one. Fresh install probably helped. I will try 451.48.

That’s the one I have been using for a while and it works good sim still has issues but its more stable than the latest.

Let us all know how it goes!

Ok. Just tested. Fresh install of 451.48. This is night and day on my system (Quest 2 + 3600x + 2070s + 32Gb). Incredible how much smooth it is running. I am locking fps at 30Hz ASW, so not sure if there’s a gain in fps, but frame times are more stable. Tested only on a short flight on the Bonanza and even with glass instruments it was running really well. Clouds on HIGH, Terrain LOD at 100. Reflections on HIGH. Resolution is 1350x1350 (using oculus FOV multiplier) - 100% render scale + TAA. No SS.

Oculus is set to 90hz and recommended resolution (1624x1648 on my system). It is running so good now that I don’t want to turn off the PC to avoid problems. hahaha.

Driver made a difference for sure. Also, I am not sure if this new MSFS update or the Oculus v25 also had an effect. I have a feeling that V25 is less taxing on the CPU. Seems to leave more Headroom, but can’t confirm.

This sim in VR is absolutely incredible… when it works. Really rewarding to finally have this running well… not only playable, but very enjoyable now.

Tip for Quest 2 users is to keep your Headroom higher than -100. On my system, - 70 works really well. This will keep ASW stable.


Thank you for all the details! I’m looking at the NVidia release notes right now (see below).

It looks like:

  • 451.48 was the first one introducing support for DX12 Ultimate.
  • 452.06 has specific optimizations for FS2020.
  • 456.38 was the first one introducing FrameViewSDK.
    This is a game monitoring SDK included in GeForce Exp.*

It is interesting to see what they are adding over time!

PS: it took me some time formatting this but it gives direct link to all the drivers and this is very convenient!
PS: I’ve changed the list because the previous links were for the non-DCH drivers.

*I never install anything else than Core Drivers and PhysX and I’ve no particular knowledge about this one, except it is a new framework and some have reported uninstalling it via Control Panel > Programs and Features, is helping reducing stuttering issues. It looks to me this is the SDK GeForce experience is using to auto-tune the game settings automatically, and unfortunately not like you’d want. In effect, the auto-tune feature is considering FS2020 performance from a NVidia card perspective and is adjusting FS2020 settings to lower what is taxing the GPU, but as a pilot, you could end up looking at a very smooth and high fps FS2020 with blend and featureless scenery in the distance…

Advanced Driver Search | NVIDIA

Name Version Release Date
GeForce Game Ready Driver WHQL 461.40 January 26, 2021
GeForce Game Ready Driver WHQL 461.09 January 7, 2021
GeForce Game Ready Driver WHQL 460.89 December 15, 2020
NVIDIA Studio Driver SD 460.89 December 15, 2020
GeForce Game Ready Driver WHQL 460.79 December 9, 2020
GeForce Game Ready Driver WHQL 457.51 December 2, 2020
NVIDIA Studio Driver SD 457.30 November 17, 2020
GeForce Game Ready Driver WHQL 457.30 November 9, 2020
GeForce Game Ready Driver WHQL 457.09 October 29, 2020
NVIDIA Studio Driver SD 456.71 October 20, 2020
GeForce Game Ready Driver WHQL 456.71 October 7, 2020
GeForce Game Ready Driver WHQL 456.55 September 28, 2020
GeForce Game Ready Driver WHQL 456.38 September 17, 2020
NVIDIA Studio Driver SD 456.38 September 17, 2020
NVIDIA Studio Driver SD 452.06 August 18, 2020
GeForce Game Ready Driver WHQL 452.06 August 17, 2020
NVIDIA Studio Driver SD 451.77 July 16, 2020
GeForce Game Ready Driver WHQL 451.67 July 9, 2020
GeForce Game Ready Driver WHQL 451.48 June 24, 2020
NVIDIA Studio Driver SD 451.48 June 24, 2020
GeForce Game Ready Driver WHQL 446.14 May 27, 2020

I am new to VR and to Quest 2, could you explain what is “headroom” and where do you set this?

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thks for this work, but i guess this list is for 2070 series from Nvidia ?
for my 3070 the list and versionning is different…
should i try the first one in the list ? or make several trials maybe…

You might want to scroll this discussion up a few post and find my links to the “recommended” drivers.

NB: this is the same list, but it is clear older drivers couldn’t support in advance cards that would be released at a later time… This is why your list starts with the first driver for your card.

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I have noticed a huge improvement with only the Oculus V25 update, much smoother, I haven’t touched my NVIDIA drivers. It’s so much better I don’t even want to touch my drivers in case it breaks!!!


So is VR better in this 461 driver? Or should I still keep the old one (416, from may)? I’m on a 1070 because I ordered My 3080 twenty minutes too late back in september :confused:

I highly suggest not going to any driver other than New ones for anyone running 30X0 series card. I finally decided to try these drivers a week or so ago, and my experience has never recovered since… Even going back to the newest drivers… Last week I gave up on trying anymore… Spending way to much time trying to get things running, I had it acceptable before I made the change… But now, its just not even in the ball park. (stutters, very min stutters, but enough that my brain hurts)

Hopefully this new driver when released gets me back on track.

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Thks again, but by going above i find two reco :

  • one for 457.09 through a link to another post and specific to 3070, but set as min driver version
  • and one u mention just on top of this page which is 457.30 but not sure for which CGU model

i guess i will give a try to 457.30

@ Malkuth1974,
Just curious if you did a clean install (unfortunately resets all profiles if you have them for a given game ) or not. One would think that you could back to where you were if you did a clean install. I rarely do a clean install but I would if I had to.

I’ve updated the post in order to more clearly show the recommendations and why:

What NVidia Drivers are recommended for VR

Make sure to also read the Tip because this is probably what is making a lot of fps results differences as well.