PSA - The Beachcraft Baron G58 Alt Knob

I am fairly sure that in real life (IRL) the Beachcraft Baron G58 actually doesn’t have an altitude dial. Hence, the complaints on this are not really valid.

I base this on a quick review of B58 documentation I skimmed., and that the same aircraft in x-plane has no altitude dial. It is highly unlikely that two simulators would choose to omit something that goes against IRL realism.

There is much one complain about regarding avionics modeling in MSFS2020, but perhaps not this.

Well, if you check the 1:23 mark of this video, it certainly is there. But I certainly am no expert.

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Photo taken from the Beechcraft website. Look at the lower left-hand corner of the glass on the right.

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OK so why would FS2020 and X-Plane (as claimed) both not include the knob? Does Beechcraft require you to pay for Premium Deluxe version to get the knob?

Hi @TCarlisle2012, It is definitely there on all production models of the G36 and G58 both. In fact, there are 2 knobs missing. There should also be one in the lower left corner of the PFD. (although it rarely gets used IRL). Can still change the altitude pre-select using the key bindings in the sim however.

The real aircraft definitely has the ALT knob. Perhaps the MSFS Baron developer used the X-Plane Baron as a reference.

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Is the G58 in MSFS2020 upgraded with the G1000? In that case, yes, I would expect the alt knob to be there and work. But the original avionics on a G58 would not have had such advanced autopilot. The original autopilot was quite primitive.

I don’t have the G58 as an option in my FS2020. Is this something only in the upgraded packages? Apparently that is the case, and it is supposed to be “enhanced with the G1000”.

If they did that, and removed the alt knob or made it do nothing, then that is pretty shoddy sim development.

It’s definitely there IRL

if you look at the same photo for the bonanza, the alt knob on the PFD side is missing, but without the hole like there should have been one.

Actually, all G58’s have G1000 with the Garmin autopilot. Standard from the factory since about 2005. :+1:t2:

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The G in G58 stands for Garmin.

G58 Baron

Introduced in 2005, currently in production. Version of 58 Baron with Garmin G1000 glass cockpit avionics.

- Wikipedia