PSA: Try Dolby Atmos in the sim

Well done!

There is much talk about which add-on we should buy, the best airport or the best aircraft or new weather add-on. WE ARE NEGLECTING SOUND generation in this forum.

I have Dolby Atmos installed from the Microsoft App’ Store. IT IS THE BEST add-on that I have for Flight Simulator period, after the A32NX. I highly recommend people to try this app, I am using it with my external Creative sound card, it is simply amazing!

Here are a few images, one of which is a sound profile that I created for the A320 through speakers. I can here so much more detail than before. If I sit in the captains seat, I can hear the clicks from the throttle quadrant on my right and the opposite is true if I sit in the co-pilots seat where the clicks come from the left. If I move a lever, the sound gets louder as I move towards it using the TrackIR.

Try it out for free for 7 days, it does not cost much to buy after the trial period.

Happy flying with a rich stunning sound scape!


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