PSA: World Traveler Achievement (Counting Landings)

I’ve been trying to figure out how to make landings count for the World Traveler achievement for quite a while. I tried all sorts of things like changing weather, various parking techniques, flight plans, and even intentional crashes. Nothing was consistently registering landings for that achievement.

There is a technique, though.The short version: stop (or come very close to stopping) on the runway. It doesn’t matter what else happens after that, and no parking is required. I tend to taxi off at relatively high speed, which was causing most of my landings not to count.

I found out about it on this video: How to: WORLD TRAVELER (Land 500 Times!) Achievement! Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020! - YouTube. That video only has 46 views (and 2 are me).

The same concept is mentioned here: What did you do in MFS today? - #2111 by Zathrus63

However, I feel this needs to get out to a wider audience. Hopefully, this can help avoid some frustration!


Thanks. I was wonder what made that one tick.

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