Puffs and wake

I would be nice to have the puffs of smoke from the tyres on landing aircraft back as was in FSX

Possibly coming with DX12 which will be delivered in the summer when the XBox version of the sim arrives. No guarantees though.

Thanks I just think it’s a great visual effect.

I like the effect too - however - I sure hope they do NOT include the ‘clumps of dirt’ ‘clumps of snow’ or ‘clumps of water’ that were present in FSX…or that ‘prop wash’ effect either.

having the grass and dust blowing backward from the prop would be a nice effect as long as it is minimal - but that cartoonish ‘wake effect’ that FSX used to represent it with was not good at all.

There is a #self-service:wishlist topic here that you can cast your vote on: