Purchase of Premium Deluxe version

A friend is contemplating the purchase of MSFS Premium Deluxe version which retails for approx $179 Aust. If he was to purchase Xbox Game Pass for $1 Aust price is reduced to $143 Aust.
He is Scottish, looks after his pennies and thinks the $143 +$1 purchase is a great savings.
Apparently he has searched extensively for this question but has come up blank.

If he purchases Xbox Game Pass with MSFS Premium Deluxe as above can he cancel the
Xbox Game Pass within the 1st month or does he have to continue but from 2nd month pay $10/month for a certain period of time?

I said I would ty to find out hence this post. Personally I paid the $179 and am happy with my purchase
but everyone has a different view I suppose.

FusingBird 2191

well there was nothing that required me to continue the gamepass subscription for any length of time - no contracts or anything like that. But I would think that if he is talking about the premium deluxe Upgrade that he would pretty much be required to keep game pass since “Upgrade” generally means that you need to own the base game first and game pass is more like renting rather than owning. So I would guess that if he bought the “Upgrade” he would lose access to the game entirely if he canceled game pass.

I could be wrong there, but my gut instinct tells me trying to save a penny could cost him 10 more in the long run rather than just outright buying the full version. I first tried the game through game pass myself and then purchased the full premium deluxe version, not an upgrade version.

I can’t find a definitive answer on an MS site, but my understanding (because I did it myself) is that it’s a discount for being a Game Pass member. If you cancel your subscription, you still own the game you bought with that discount, the two aren’t fully linked.

MS have no other option really. They can’t take a game you paid £90 for away from you because you cancelled your subscription and I doubt they’d want to process refunds.

It isn’t an upgrade version btw, it’s the full standalone Premium version (my invoice clearly states that).

I’m a long term Game Pass member so I’m not sure if new signups get the discount instantly or even in the “reduced fee” month.

Even if it were, I don’t think there is any meaningful distinction between them, except what it costs. You’ll get the same content eitherway.

I remember reading about people using the game pass version, buying the Deluxe update and being left with nothing after cancelling game pass because all they really bought was the Deluxe update and you can’t use that without the base game. I think you’d need to buy the standard version at that time in order to actually use the Deluxe version. But it’s all rather confusing, really…

As I stated in another topic they never should have called it the Deluxe version or Premium Deluxe version: they should have sold them as something like MSFS Airport & Aircraft Pack 1 and MSFS Airport & Aircraft Pack 2: in that case it would be totally clear and obvious that you wouldn’t be able to use them without the game pass MSFS game or the standard MSFS game.

I think there is: the Deluxe upgrade is useless without the standard version, the full standalone Deluxe version obviously isn’t. But again, the differences aren’t communicated clearly and I am not surprised FusingBird2191’s friend is confused.

Yes, if you never bought the base game, and simply paid for an update, then cancelled your free subscription, you never technically owned the base game. That would be the one difference.

Can only give you information from FB flight simulator forum.
So keep this in mind.
If you’ve got game pass ,i.e.standard version.
You decide to upgrade, you must remain in game pass paying the subscription.
Two other gamepass std edition users both thought it would be a cheap way to upgrade to the complete premium edition.Once game pass subscription cancelled no access to msfs.
So look for as much information as possible before proceeding.
Caution before spending is advised.
From my viewpoint,just buy the complete premium edition not upgrade.
I know it’s not exactly cheap,but it’s something you’ll be running for years.With promised fixes ,upgrades to the world,and other free additional functionality.It is expensive but it’ll prove a bargain 12 months from now.

No one is talking about the buying upgrade version though. The full Premium Edition is discounted by about 20% for game pass subscribers.

I did read the post.
Just making sure it’s clear about game pass.

Many thanks to all for your valuable input.

Because of the apparent confusion re the Xbox Game Pass I have advised Scotty to
forget that idea and pay the full price of the Premium Deluxe version of MSFS.

He agrees and before he purchases is concerned that his computer specs might not handle
MSFS. I suppose how we set it up using high instead of Ultra settings might be of some assistance.

His specs are: i7 6700k, 16gig 3200 RAM, Nvidia GTX 1060 6gig, 1TB Crucial SSD .

Would appreciate further advice regarding his computer specs.


Hmm. Afraid I can’t help much in knowing what game settings to recommend. I think he easily should have enough power to run the game at decent enough framerates at mid settings. maybe low-mid on some choices. My hardware is all really high end so my settings are kinda cranked.

Hi MenacingScarab

He purchased MSFS and we set everything at medium setting. He is happy and with latest update the sim runs really smooth which actually surprised me considering his hardware.
Thanks for your input. Appreciated.


I think I know your friend. He came into my shop and asked how much a Mars bar is. I said “60p sir”, to which he replied, I may be back, I have 6 others to look at.

In all seriousness, good on him. He saved a few £££ and got others to do the work for him.

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