Purchased liveries 2 accounts


We play MSFS on XBOX S. I purchased a livery pack through the in game store. My daughter, on the same xbox, was able to apply those liveries by clicking to “purchase” them but was only sort of applying them to her account as I’d already paid.

We’ve updated the game today, i still have the livery pack available but they disappeared from my daughter’s profile. When shes tried to “purchase” them again, its going to charge her money. The system says (in red writing) that the content is already on the disk and it needs to be bought to access but i have no idea why its charging her when it worked perfectly before?

Any ideas?

Sounds like they fixed a bug?

Really? So if i purchased extra airports etc, other users on the xbox cannot access that content? I purchased the a320 neo euro livery pack and we’ve both used it for months but now she cannot reinstall it to her profile. Seems odd.

Im having the same issue. I fly on 2 accounts. My main account has access to all add ons. My secondary account can only access the basic version of the game. Xbox clearly states that if an xbox is designated as your home xbox, then all other accounts on said xbox will have access to to all games and add ons. My main account flys wherever whenever… however my secondary account is circumnavigating and only takes off from where i last landed. Ive used the proper liveries depending on my location in the world. Im now stuck in northern France with the default liveries. Also i dont have access to the premium deluxe version anymore on my secondary account. Pls help…

FIXED…I found a work-around. I typically sign out my main profile on xbox when i use my secondary. I loaded up the sim on my main profile and then rather than siging out on xbox i sign that profile out on flight simulator then sign in with my secondary. My main profile is still online on the xbox. I now have access to all additional content on my secondary… in short keep your main profile signed in on xbox…hope this helps ya

I created a thread about this a few weeks ago.

Xbox X main profile = me
Child profile = son

I’ve bought a fair number of add-ons now and for probably 6 months my son has had access and all of a sudden (I felt it followed an update) he can no longer use the liveries on A320 and my planes.

So it seems we’re not the only ones. I can’t test the above right now (Someone has Strictly come dancing on the TV instead :thinking:)

Anyone else confirm signing out main account from MSFS then signing in the secondary (son) account works? If so that’s good news