Push back bug with A32NX and 737?

Hi guys,…since a few days, when using the default push back or the toolbar one, the nose is rising up while pushing back, and then falling like a rock when finished … bug i presume…are you having the same… ? thanks

with which plane ?

fbw 320 and 737

i’ll try and post about it

thanks for looking at it…

must be one of your mod’s doing it , tested with default setup , no weird pushback detected.

move all yer mod’s except the FBW320 out of your community folder and test :slight_smile:

Is your CG right? When I mess up with the payload and fuel, the aircraft behavior changes (nose heavy or light depending on what I do) and I have to re-arrange the weight to fix it.

Just using the sliders for fuel and payload will not ajust the weight distribution properly…

thanks guys…CG is ok…i think that s the REX global airport textures causing it…it’s doing that since i have it…i donwloaded the update, and see if it’s still doing it…

Since both of your aircraft are mods or third party, I’m moving this to Third Party Addon Discussion.