Push/Pull buttons do not work

PC/Store Version:
As Title. Suffered this for so long. Can’t remember when it first started but it sure was a long time ago.

The 737Neo AP buttons do not push/pull. Tried on original and stable mod version of this plane. Cannot:

  1. set baro to STD therefore the reading flashes all the time
  2. switch from Nav to Heading mode
  3. manually set speed for auto-throttle so have to manually adjust throttle for landing.

All these require pushing the buttons - they just do nothing

This problem also exists on GA planes with Garmin. Cannot use ‘Push C/V’ to switch from Coms to Vor so cannot dial in a VOR nor ‘Push CRSR’ so cannot program a flight.

Today 10/11/21 deleted sim and did a fresh basic install and empty community folder (nothing else added - 94Gb) on a different drive. SAME PROBLEM!

So I guess the problem is with what is stored with MSFS server of my profile and not my PC

My PC is up to date with drivers and a very stable machine for everything else.

I’ve had this sim a year but it’s just too frustrating. Cannot bother anymore. Guess I’ll just play RPGs instead :frowning_face:

This problem is not intermittent.

Sounds like “Cockpit Interaction System” setting.

Go to “General Options” → “Accessibility” → “Cockpit Interaction System”

What is it set at? Make sure it’s on “Legacy”

Then you should be able to put your mouse cursor just above the knob to ‘push’ it and just below the knob to ‘pull’ it. Your cursor will change to an up arrow or down arrow when you hover to indicate what happens when you press the button.