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Hi guys

I’ve noticed that when talking to ATC in MSFS, there is no option to request a push and start from ground control. Even though in my understanding this is how it normaly works, and also is used on VATSIM.

At the momenta all you can do ist get the taxi clearance while standing at the gate.

So I propose to implement this feature in to the ATC conversation, so that you request push and start and when pushed back you obtain the taxi clearance.

What do you think about this?


Do you use the right frequencies? I do have the option on most airports for push&start

In standard MSFS without anything? Hm, I have to check again…
Can you tell me which airport for example?

Well i’m for instance doeing a flight from EHAM (schiphol amsterdam) to KJFK. Normally i would use the pushback tool. But because of this topic i used ground freq. and pushback was in that menu.

But if i was you, i would also use

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There is no engine start request in-game. But under Ground Services, there is ‘sometimes’ a pushback request. Just depends on the airport.

While an engine start request would be nice (realistic), it would need to be coded to only apply for certain aircraft at Towered airports. I don’t want to need to request startup of my Piper Arrow parked at the FBO.

Well there are a lot of thing not correct in the sim, like checklists and stuff. The ground handling/atc is way off real life.

With mods its getting a little bit better, but the pushback/startup driving over cars on the taxi way behind the moving plane. Taxi routing to the other side of the airport in one call, airport staff with one bat signing you in, atc asking to stop taxiing because of another plane that isnt anywhere to be seen. Planes staying on the runway…. Etcetcetc

This is the best flightsim there is imo, but there’s a lot to improve

Also, realise that there are so many different variations to the push back procedure in real life, that no mater what Asobo implement, it will be unrealistic at a large number of locations.

For instance, in some places the ramp is completely uncontrolled, and pushback is completely at the discretion of the pilots/ground crew. At others, pushback is controlled by a separate entity, maybe an airline or 3rd party handling agent. In both cases, ground wouldn’t be contacted until approaching the ramp exit.

Whilst I’m in no way saying improvements shouldn’t be sought, there will always be places where the chosen implementation is technically wrong, and therefore users that will complain about it.

Shift-P by default will always implement a pushback, even when there is no crew available.

Toolbar Pushback » Microsoft Flight Simulator

Ok I just checked. I wanted a push&start clearance which is not implemented yet. Of course I found the option to request the pushback truck, but there ist no option to request push & start clearance from the tower. Especially when using the Toolbar Pushback it would be a lot more realistic if you could obtain the push & start clearance from the tower…

I also use Pushback Toolbar which I quite like especially since they added the voices. Before I used the pushback mechanism form the flypad (A32NX).