Pushback Helper: Finally Improved Pushback


bet you‘re annoyed with the default pushback system in MSFS. Thought I share a cool (freeware) addon with you, since I really like it. It’s not created by me, but by metindikbas - huge shoutout to this guy!

Download, run the .exe and control the pushback truck with ease!


RIP Pushback Express.


Great thanks!

who is that person?

+1, this should be more or less what the in-game pushback system should be.

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Sorry to be a bit dense here, but I can’t figure out exactly what I need to do to download this baby. I’ve gotten a couple other add-ons from this site before and I have not previously installed this app. Thanks so much in advance for any advice.


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Great works. Thanks for the contribution to simmers!

This looks great. Thanks for posting this.

Checkout latest version with new features and bug fixes.



Have fun and fly safe :slight_smile:


same, cant get it downloaded really

Just download the latest release from the releases page.
Currently that’s PushbackHelper_v2.1.zip.
Unzip and run the exe.

Any feedback? reviews?

Thanks for a perfect MSFS addon! Simpler and better than what I found for FSX - now with jetway function as well. Great!

This Pushback Helper addon is freaking brilliant !!


Doesn’t work for me. I unbound the default keybinding in fs2020 for the pageup key, but pushback helper still will not come up for me.

How can I troubleshoot this issue?

Doors can openened on our command now (320/787/748)
Was waiting for this

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Hi all,

I’ve been using Pushback Helper since it was released, but after their update, the jetways keep disconnecting on their own (without me doing anything that I know of). Then I can reconnect them and they stay connected until I want to push back.

Has anyone else had this glitch or know of a workaround perhaps?



Yeah, it’s a common occurence. I think it’s something to do with the first connection. Just stay in external view, if it disconnects the first time. And just reconnect it before you switch back in.

I stopped using pushback helper since I use the Ground Services mod. It has a built-in menu tool to control the pushback instead of external utility. (It still requires an external application. It’s just that the pushback controls itself is built-in to the sim)

Thanks for the heads up. I forgot about ground services. I’ll go check them out. I have pushback express too, but stopped using that once PH showed up because I like getting pulled as well as pushed sometimes:)

Did you manually connect the jetway, then take a bit of time doing the startup?

Did you know that the jetway connect/disconnect is on a schedule and will happen automatically?

Did you know that in this schedule, the jetway connection is toggled. Meaning if it was connected, it will be disconnected?

Did you further know that the schedule assumes that you start disconnected?

So if you manually connect, then 1-2 minutes later the jetway connection will be toggled as per the schedule. Thus, the jetway will be DISconnected.

Around 20 minutes or so later, the jetway connection will be toggled again.

This is the schedule setup in that rightmost button in the left panel. Read the manual to understand more.