Pushback starts by itself (Issue)

Hello everyone,

since the last update I have noticed with every flight that the pushback on the ground is triggered automatically during preparation, regardless of which aircraft I am using. I don’t need to say why this is counterproductive…

If I don’t notice the pushback in time and stop it manually (SHIFT + P), the ground power connection is lost and I can start the flight from the beginning …

At first I thought it was due to an add-on (Pushback helper or pushback bar). But it is not because I tried and uninstalled both addons separately and the problem persists. Has anyone noticed something similar and can give me a solution to the problem?

I use the microsoft-Store version and I’ve checked all the keyboard shortcuts, it doesn’t seem to be the problem.

My PC-Specs are:

RTX 3070
32 GB 3200MHz-RAM
installed on a 1TB NVMe M.2 - SSD

I am having the same issue, but intermittently.

When it happens, I notice that this “helpful feature” (AI radio communications (ATC) ) has been activated without my initiation:

I see that this is a reported bug, if the root cause for you is the same as for me:

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Same thing happening here… And yes it is related to AI assistance for ATC to be on. When this assistance is set to off, the pushback is not automaticaly triggered. When set to on, the automatic pushback is asked by “co-pilot” somewhere just after engine is prepared to be started, usualy just before APU set to be switched on, and/or after you switch on the bateries. Turn off the assistance or be quick with canceling the pushback request :slight_smile:

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As per the thread I linked above, and I have just confirmed, every time I run a landing challenge, in the Assistance Options, Piloting, AI Radio Communications (ATC) this setting gets changed from OFF to ON. That may the root cause of my issue as each time, if I haven’t noticed that change, then it is activated for that flight:

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Thanks, that is the solution!

Yep, that’s exactly the issue… whenever AI Radio Communication gets switched on (which sometimes happen when I’ve not touched a single setting), the push from gate will be automated.