Pyramids are floating

Pyramids are floating today…

MSFS2020 Microsoft Version, build pc

Well in all honesty you are flying unrealistically low, I flew over them at 1000ft and they all look fine. It’s a flying sim not a driving sim lol.

Challenge yourself, fly under them lol


It’ only a mirage. Nothing dramatic.
Don’t forget to drink a lot (water only, or the mirage will increase).
What is more surprising is your airspeed !

Ha, well, they looked weird in flight, which prompted me to get a closer look!

Update: Magically fixed after a MSFS restart.

Strange, I flew over a couple of months ago all was fine then, wonder what happened.

In the TV show Stargate, I believe the Goa’uld had flying pyramids.


It’s the Pharaohs coming back to life!

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Ancient aliens bruv

Challenge accepted.

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The same happened to me a few weeks ago at Monument Valley, the rocks floated a couple of meter above the ground. I restarted the sim and it was fine.

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What if I told you…

“It is not the pyramid that is floating.”

“But your mind.”

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Also it’s not a bug it’s an upgrade :thinking::partying_face: